The LG Watch Urbane is now starting to hit the wrists of those looking for something that's ever closer to a watch-looking smartwatch. And that means we're also starting to get our first look at the latest version of Android Wear, based on Android 5.1.1. And here we do precisely that.

This is quick look at the new setup process of Android Wear on the Urbane. For the most part it's exactly what you're used to if you've ever paired an Android Wear smartwatch — it's just that things look a good bit nicer. The bigger change thus far is the new menu system, and the addition of a Wifi connection. We'll get into that more in future posts.

And I wouldn't read too much into the setup time we're talking about here. We've factory reset this watch a few times, and while it definitely still takes a few minutes to sync over the Android Wear apps, that first boot was definitely an outlier.

For now, enjoy this little taste of what's to come on the rest of the Android Wear stable in the weeks ahead.

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