Firefox on Android Progressing Nicely, Loads First Page

Like we said before, it's going to take some time before Fennec aka Firefox Mobile actually gets on Android. But at least it looks like porting Fennec over to Android is progressing rather nicely--they actually got their first page load. According to the developer:

Mouse events sort of work, toplevel windows sort of work, keyboard doesn't work yet but shouldn't be hard to hook up.

They're actually testing the full Firefox interface on Android right now, as it's much more complex than Fennec/Firefox Mobile. The understanding is if full Firefox works, Firefox Mobile would work too. And plus, if Android hits netbooks or tablet devices, full Firefox may be better suited for use on those devices. They're still not even ready to deliver an alpha release but they're certainly a little closer than they were yesterday.

[vladimir via @blassey]

Casey Chan
  • If it has the missing Android proxy (for Wi-Fi) support then I'll be using it, otherwise why bother...
  • Dumped the giant pile of fail that is Firefox for Chrome last year. Don't why they are even bothering. No one cares.
  • Because as nice a Chrome is, FF is still the better browser
  • The only "giant pile of fail" is you, sir...
  • The best thing about having Firefox on Android (or any other platform) will be the Adblock Plus extension. Another valuable extension will be Flashblock when Android finally gets Flash.
  • Well Firefox has already captured a huge market share in the desktop browser market.In the next few days, they will start their endeavour to capture the mobile browser share by releasing Fennec-the web browser for mobile phones and Internet tablets.Opera Mini is still the market leader in the mobile browser segment.Now it would be an interesting battle between Opera and Fennec.Ne ways i will keep looking around.
  • Looks like the ubuntu firefox.
  • Very nice. Looking forward to delivery of my HTC Thundbolt! Wireless Promo Code
  • Very nice to see the best browser on the net finally be available for the android os. It's a wonder why this has not happened sooner. Nokia E5