Explore the wasteland on your phone in Farlight 84, from the makers of AFK Arena

Farlight 84 Wasteland
Farlight 84 Wasteland (Image credit: Lilith Games)

What you need to know

  • Farlight 84 third-person shooter coming to Android, iOS, and PC in 2022.
  • Lilith Games has announced one of its flagship modes called Hunt, featuring PvP between 48 players.
  • As its name suggests, Farlight 84 takes place in 2084 in a desolate wasteland.

Farlight 84 is an upcoming third-person shooter from Lilith Games, the studio behind AFK Arena, Rise of Kingdoms, and Warpath. In a press release the developer announced Hunt, a new mode that players can expect when the came comes to mobile and PC in 2022.

Hunt is described as a skirmish between two teams, each with a Numtag that the other team is expected to hunt down. Once teams earn enough points through collecting the Numtags, they'll have the opportunity to evacuate the map.

"We're excited for players to discover our innovative HUNT mode in Farlight 84, which provides an unprecedented experience for fans of the genre, Our game offers a thrilling take on the third-person shooter, with intuitive rules and fresh mechanics, which we can't wait for players to discover early next year," said Jiujan Jeremy Liu, Senior Technical Game Designer at Lilith Games. "While Lilith Games is known for our impeccable RPG and strategy games, we've taken our learned experience from these previous releases and built a world-class team to create an original feature-rich and premium-quality shooter."

According to its reveal trailer, the location of your target's Numtag will be displayed on your minimap, making it a game of cat and mouse ad you stage ambushes and attempt to elude your pursuers. Hunt's map will be 1,2km with many points of interest.

Farlight 84 is expected out on Android, iOS, and PC next year. Closed beta testing is set to begin on June 15 in the following six regions: France, Russia, Australia, Brazil, India, and Indonesia. Additional regions may follow at a later date. Should it live up to its marketing, we could be looking at one of the best shooter games for Android.

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