Everything you need to know about Tello Mobile's transition to GSM

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Affordable doesn't have to mean cheap. It doesn't have to mean limiting your options or settling for lower quality of service. These are two of the core pillars on which Tello Mobile was founded.

For years, they've provided clients with feature-rich and flexible phone plans at a near-unbeatable price. And those plans just got a whole lot better. Starting this month, Tello is migrating its entire mobile service from a CDMA network to a GSM network.

What this means in plain English is that Tello customers will be able to enjoy improved 4G LTE coverage, faster data speeds, and better overall network stability. New customers will be enrolled directly into the new network, while current customers will be migrated in batches starting with the first quarter of 2021.

What does this migration mean for new customers?

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First things first, if you're considering signing up for Tello, we'd recommend checking their coverage to make sure they're active where you live. Provided you're within a Tello service area, your next step will be to double-check your device. In order to be compatible with Tello, your device will need to be:

  • Unlocked.
  • Not attached to any existing carrier contract.
  • Compatible with LTE frequency bands 2, 4, 12, and VoltE.

Tello's provided a helpful Bring Your Own Device Page to help determine if your smartphone or tablet is compatible with their network. If your device isn't compatible, you'll need to purchase a new one, either through Tello or through a smartphone manufacturer. Once you're equipped with a compatible device, the next steps are simple.

  1. Choose a plan that best suits your needs, and go through the process of enrolling your phone.
  2. Purchase a GSM SIM as part of your enrollment process.
  3. Wait for the SIM card to arrive, and then activate your device per Tello's provided instructions.

Pretty simple, right?

Better yet, all Tello plans include free WiFi hotspots, require no contract or commitment, and don't include any hidden fees. You're free to change your plan whenever you like, and you can even sign up for a family plan with multiple lines at no additional cost. Tello's flexible pay as you go plans start at $5/month for unlimited talk & text to $39/month for unlimited talk, text, and data. You can also mix and match according to your needs.

You can learn more about Tello's plans here.

What does this migration mean for existing customers?

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If you're an existing Tello customer, check your My Account section. There, you'll eventually find instructions and tools to help make the migration as seamless as possible. Tello will also send out emails and push notifications about the impending switch.

Tello will be sending you a branded GSM SIM kit, which includes a universal SIM card that you can use to activate your device on the new network. These kits are provided free of charge, including free standard shipping. Note that GSM SIM cards from other carriers are incompatible with Tello's network.

Don't worry, you won't be left in the dark at any point. Support for the existing CDMA network will continue until at least June 2021 During the migration period, you'll be able to check coverage under both the CDMA network and the GSM network. Your billing and plans will not be impacted in any way, and you'll be able to keep your original phone number on the new network.

Finally, if you're on a device that's incompatible with the new network, you'll be granted multiple opportunities to upgrade.

A great carrier just got a whole lot better

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Customer service, flexibility, quality, and affordability. These are the things Tello is known for. The shift from CDMA to GSM is just one more way Tello is acting to fulfill its commitment to its customers.

Just one more way they're giving everyone the wireless service they truly deserve.

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