Evening brief: Between a Note and a hard place

Earlier today, I spoke to Samsung Canada's COO about the Note 7 recall, and he told me the same thing I've heard the company's executives say in every market: Samsung dealt with the recall properly, quickly, and safely. And that it is sorry.

That this is going to have lingering negative effects on the Samsung brand isn't in question: it's for how long, and how severe. The consequences of a recall like this reverberate for months, maybe years, largely because people — the average buying public — now balances the strength of a product against the trustworthiness of a brand. There isn't much more to say about this, either: soon, people will start receiving their replacement units, if they haven't already, and many will likely forget that this issue arose in the first place. But what about the 100 or so people injured or traumatized by a phone that was safe one moment and ablaze the next? Let's hope they're not forgotten once things get back to normal.

And with that, tonight's news.

Allo is here. Let us show you why you should care

Allo was released at midnight eastern last night, which meant we on the AC team spent the day sending each other weird stickers and trying to trip up Google Assistant. If you're not yet convinced why you should about Allo, let us show you. More

Galaxy Note 7 sales to resume mid-October in Canada

The Galaxy Note 7 is sporadically back on sale in the U.S., but isn't expected to be widely available until mid-October. The same is true of the smaller Canadian market, which bodes well for anyone looking to buy some new handwarmers before the cold season. More

Verizon pushes out security patches for Moto Z, Galaxy Note 5, and Galaxy S6 Edge+

Midway through the month, Verizon is finally pushing out the September security patches for the Moto Z and Moto Z Force. Look for software version MCLS24.246-36-3 (opens in new tab) as you refresh for the update. Last year's Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ are also receiving patches today, labeled as VRS3BPI1. You can read more about those respective updates here (opens in new tab) and here (opens in new tab). Happy updating!

Alcatel's BlackBerry is coming to Canada later this month

Alcatel is bringing its Idol 4 to Canada this month with a single regional carrier, Videotron. The phone has been available in the U.S. for a few months now — and even in Canada as the DTEK50 — but it appears that at least one carrier is interested in the real McCoy. No word on pricing just yet, but you can expect it to come in around $350 to $400 CAD. One piece of good news, though: each unit will come with Alcatel's cool VR headset in tow. More{.cta}

HTC 10 down from "crazy expensive" to "too expensive" in Canada

HTC must recognize that even with the poor exchange rate, $1000 is just too much to charge for its HTC 10 flagship in Canada. To wit, it is putting the thing on sale, offering 20% off until September 29 (opens in new tab) with offer code ufo7ebpb3. The device is still $599 in the U.S., which is a pretty good price.

Wi-Fi Calling and Advanced Messaging come to AT&T's 2015 Galaxy lineup

It's not Nougat, but the 2015 lineup of Galaxy devices — the S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, and Note 5 — are all getting nice updates on AT&T. Specifically, updates issued yesterday and first spotted by the good guys at Android Police, offer Wi-Fi Calling, a super useful feature made famous by T-Mobile, and support for Advanced Messaging, which is basically the bloatware version of SMS.

Nougat not so sweet for some Nexus 5X owners

Google has acknowledged that a small number of Nexus 5X owners are getting stuck in boot loops after upgrading to Android 7.0. According to a Google employee, it is "strictly a hardware related issue." In other words, the problem was going to happen, it was just a matter of when.

Google's latest Android Experiment is, like, totally awesome

Fancy sending a virtual paper airplane to someone around the world? The latest Google Experiment, which was first shown off at Google I/O in May, is now available available to all Android users in app form. Paper Planes (opens in new tab) is a great showcase for the marriage of web and native code to live in harmony — and it's also really fun to receive plane notifications. More

Have a great evening!

Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • More LG phones with bootloader issues, huh? Inexcusable.
  • I updated my Gf's nexus 5x last month when the update became available. No issues yet. If anything battery got better.
  • The update made my wife's 5X faster
  • Why should we care about Allo again?
  • Because reasons
  • A lot of weird **** going on in the Android world right now. Couldn't blame folks for migrating to Apple. The IPhone must seems like a real relief after exploding phones, half ass updates, weird launches landing with loud thuds, bootloop issues and a disappointing looking Pixel phone (who names a phone Pixel). And then Wtf is LG even doing?
  • Thing is they're having issues of their own, including updates bricking devices. Technology can go wrong no matter whose logo is stamped into the casing.
  • Its a weird time in the smartphone industry. I think all of the manufacturers need to stop worrying about sales and build a better product. If you build a better product it will sell itself.
  • No explosions with my Note 7 or lag nor with the replacement. Better screen, more storage (320gb with 256gb sd card) S pen, wireless charging no way would I ever go backwards with a iphone. Something that happened to .1 % of all Notes made. Gets blown out of proportion by the media as usual.
  • Couldn't have said it better heck check my replacement seems faster to boot haha I'm happy
  • Yes real relief, bricked iPhones is so much better. /Rolls eyes
  • Haha and that black paint that melt in your hands haha .....ill pass
  • Hey apple Apple has there issue to . And these things happen in life. How you Handle it is what's important to your customers. Judging from the crowd of people in my att getting replacement don't think a lot of them over reacted are jumped ship .. this is not thr first recall and it won't be the last good job samsung and att
  • iDiotJohnny is more suitable for you
  • Awe...did I hurt your little fanboy feelings? Sit down
  • The 5X article title says bootloop when all I've heard about is random boots.
  • The question is how are they going to compensate the original USA and other countries note 7 buyers for 20 days of worry that held faithful to the notes and just switched out? Do we get something eventually like a free VR headset or a discount on the gears s3?
  • Yeah what a great time to hit them up for something free, as they are burning money recalling all those phones and supplying replacements. Think people think.
  • As they were burning money so were we, we didn't produce now refurbished s7 or s7 edge devices, we held strong and waited and didn't go coy and ask for a replacement or a refund, think about that.
  • Aqperry, you held "strong", as though you were in a combat zone? LMFAO.
  • #heldstrong #againstwhatidontknow #first #wheresmyprize #imsosmart #iplayonthehighwaytoo #itcanthappentome
  • Hey you'll get a bill credit an the best damn phone of 2016 I'm good with that im sure every car you've ever own was recalled at some point. You took it in and moved on with your life
  • Just find a safe place for yourself and cry. The world owns you nothing.
  • They are already offering people a $25 bill credit. Chances are the Note 7 they are replacing wasn't defective to begin with. Not to mention I'm sure a lot of the Note 7's they are taking back are damaged in some way due to the user. Samsung didn't force you to get another Note 7 as you could of took your money back and bought another device. Samsung could be handing out $500 checks with the new Note 7's and people still wouldn't be happy SMH
  • The first paragraph in the 5X article still mentions boot loop when actually the problem is random booting.
  • Nexus 6 still has no Android 7. Anyone know what the deal is? #freeshamu
  • As a current Samsung owner of a Note 4 as well as a Note 2 and an OG Note 10.1 (not that it has anything in particular to do with any of this), I would really like to see the Note series return to a user-replaceable battery. That alone would make me feel much more comfortable with their future Note releases after this whole Note 7 fiasco. Otherwise I think they've sealed the deal (no pun intended) that I'm done with them going forward. This Note 4 will be my last Samsung device and possibly also my last smartphone for the forseeable future (considering I have two of them).
  • So you've said for the last three years. Does this mean your Samsung rant is over. I sure hope so
  • My apologies, I'll stop posting just so you don't have to read any more of my comments. ;)
  • Ok, we like removable batteries...how many times have you swapped the battery on your tablet? It's not really that bad after all, now, is it?
  • I only mentioned the tablet to indicate how many Samsung devices I have and even stated it has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Besides you can't compare the usefulness of a user-replaceable battery between a tablet and a phone (it's a false analogy).
  • I received my recall replacement Galaxy Note 7 from T-Mobile, today. They handled the application and data transfer without any problems. Later, I received the System Update that checked the recall status and loaded the Green Battery icon.
    For all of the reasons that I initially selected the Note 7, I'm happy to have stuck with the Note 7 and T-Mobile. I still have a stylus, eye and fingerprint recognition, a great camera and an awesome experience.
    I continued using my Note right up to the time the store turned it off after transferring the data.
    Thanks to Samsung and T-Mobile for making it possible to continue with the best smartphone, available! I am a happy customer.
  • I'm still rather biasedly interested in the potential HTC 'Ocean Note' mentioned in this morning's briefing. I mean, I'm sure we won't hear anything for a while, but it's HTC - there will be slow leaks. And I've wanted a Stylus-equipped HTC phablet since 2013. I don't think the 'Ocean' devices could make the company a powerhouse, but in the wake of the Note 7 debacle it's an opportunity for a shift in the phablet market, and HTC might start back on that uphill climb to relevance. And I'd buy an unlocked one in a heartbeat.
  • Yep HTC will come out of its 1% market share and kick samsung to the curb. Hey we can all dream can't we
  • Haha, yeah, that's quite a dream. I'd just like to see them on the road to competitive. Like, a few more percentage market share. There's no way they'd be competitive with Samsung, Apple, Huawei, etc anytime soon, but at least -not dead- would be nice. Like you said, we can dream.
  • If it's a competitive device I'm game to take a look. HTC is probably the only device I'd try as far as a competitive note type phone. But Sammy has really raised the bar with the note
  • I've held on to my Note 4 and was looking forward to the Note 7. When they go back on sale I will be getting one... With the price cut and hopefully some incentives. The way phones are made these days, with components produced and constructed in various facilities, this could have happened to any company. Samsung has tried to do the right thing from the start,no matter what way the media spells it.
  • "soon, people will start receiving their replacement units, if they haven't already, and many will likely forget that this issue arose in the first place." Wrong.. I'm reminded every day by that %$&^#@! green icon! I know it's a first world problem, but I HATE it!