EA acquiring Glu Mobile for $2.1 billion as part of mobile push

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What you need to know

  • EA has announced today that it's acquiring Glu Mobile, a major player in mobile gaming.
  • The $2.1 billion deal will combine Glu Mobile's expertise with EA's franchises and brands.
  • This is part of a significant push from EA to expand into the lucrative mobile gaming market.

EA is one of the largest game developers and publishers, responsible for huge franchises and video games like Madden NFL 21, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, FIFA 21, and much more. EA has also been involved in mobile gaming for a long time now and seeks to expand its reach. Today, EA announced that it's acquiring Glu Mobile, a major player in mobile gaming responsible for several popular mobile games.

The $2.1 billion deal will bring Glu Mobile's teams together with EA's existing mobile teams and help EA push further into the ever-expanding mobile gaming business with new titles. From EA's announcement:

Bringing together the best-in-class mobile development teams at Glu and Electronic Arts' mobile business, with a collective portfolio of powerful IP in sports, lifestyle, RPG, casual and other genres, and leveraging Electronic Arts' marketing and distribution strength to generate global reach, the combined organization will build on EA's network of 430 million players, including more than 100 million monthly active players in mobile, and expand to new audiences and demographics all over the world.

Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly lucrative as time goes on, with more and more people playing from their mobile devices. EA has a vast, nearly bottomless bag full of game brands, franchises, and IP, giving EA tons of opportunities to find success on mobile platforms. The acquisition of Glu Mobile will help EA towards that goal.

While it'll be a while before we see anything concrete out of the EA acquisition of Glu Mobile, there are already a ton of incredible games available for your Android device. Check out our comprehensive list of Best Games for Android for some great ideas on what you can play next.

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