Dropbox will soon let you open shared links right into its app

Dropbox is now in the process of rolling out a new feature for mobile users that will let you open shared Dropbox links an email or in a browser right in the mobile app for Android and iOS. Opening a link directly in the Dropbox app allows you to get rich previews of documents and images and easily save files.

Opening shared links in the Dropbox app is fairly straightforward. On your Android device, you can elect to always open links directly in the app. If the shared link is for a Microsoft Office file, it's a simple matter to start working on them, according to Dropbox:

If the file was already saved to your Dropbox, we'll take you right to it in the app so you can do more with it — like move the file, rename it, or favorite it for offline access. And if it's a Microsoft Office file like an Excel spreadsheet or Word document, you can edit the file right from the Office apps on your device.

The feature will roll out to users over the course of the next few days, and will not require an update to the Dropbox app, which can be found on the Google Play Store.

Source: Dropbox

Joseph Keller