Droid X owners using 5 times more data than other phones, Verizon says

See that new Droid X in your hand? (No, in your hand. That's Phil's hand up there.) It's sucking down five times more data than its cousins, Verizon business development executive director Jennifer Byrne said at paidContent Mobile's conference today. 

While on the panel with executives from the BBC, NBA Digital and Zagat, the conversation centered around the increased data usages on mobile devices in the past few years and what they see that leading towards in the future. Makes a good case for that MyVerizon app, eh?

Despite its release only last week, Byrne said that Droid X owners are using five times more data than other Verizon phones. Byrne also addressed Verizon's commitment to Android: 

“While we may have had the first app store, GetItNow, we’ve learned a lot, with the watershed being the iPhone. It’s a drastic change from the walled garden stage to the open approach. It’s been a very big shift.” Verizon has “embraced” it, Byrne said. “We’ve seen a tremendous response - so its validated the decision.”

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Sean Brunett
  • Could it be partially due to the fact that it is so new that people are downloading all kinds of stuff for their new phone? I would think every Android phone has gone through that stage.
  • Yeah thats probably what it was.. I noticed a great increase of data usage on my Incredible over my Blackberry but thats simply because I use it for a lot more. I think this is just the new-ness people are having with the device.. it'll wear off :)
  • That was my thought, too. Everyone's playing with their new phone, downloading apps, surfing the web, syncing facebook, etc. It's likely to taper off after a while. But Verizon will use this to justify their excessive data rates.
  • I know for a fact I've been abusing my data plan like crazy since I got one!
    The fact that it comes pre-loaded with Blockbuster, and that it doubles as a hot spot and has the fastest browser i've used on a phone doesn't hurt it's data usage, having just upgraded from a blackberry storm, I am amazed how much easier it is to use the data services available. The auto syncing widgets don't help to lower it's data usage either!
  • exactly right. I used 3 times more data the first 2 weeks with my evo than the second 2 weeks. Just from downloading apps, finding new things, setting it up.... I think most will start using it a bit less heavily come august
  • Now if only the My Verizon app would actually work on this device.
  • When I open my verizon on my X it says i need to upgrade... I download but it wont install and says there is a problem with the signature or something. Anyway... 5 days, 206 MB so far... I think i surpassed five times.
  • Same here, it's really annoying. I think whoever made that app didn'r read much of the documentation for the sdk, it's about as bad as my easy button app (witch is admittedly, pretty crappy). Anyway, I got it on opening day, and I'm at just about 500 MB...so ya, I guess you could say that I'm in the norm. I wonder how verizon is going to react to this.
  • I had the same problem, got my droid x on Sunday. I was able to update "My Verizon" today with no problem. So just try it again. Hope that helps :)
  • I smell a premium data charge around the corner for Verizon
  • Have you seen Verizon's rates? They pretty much already charge every customer premium data rates...
  • New data rates are definitely coming and you can pretty much guarantee that unlimited is out the window. VZW and AT&T follow each other lockstop when it means raping and pillaging more money from their customer's. We might as well go back to the old AOL method and have time limits. Engadget and Gizmodo both posted stories tonight talking about the rumors that it is coming in the next month or two.
  • customer's what?
  • For their 3G network?...I think that was only for their LTE (4G) network. Anyway, part of my hopes that they do that, then I can get out of the two-year contract for this phone. :) (I'm okay staying in it, but even happier if I don't (obviously)).
  • well said viper... Lets us know what those numbers look like in a couple more weeks
  • Does the droid x have flash support? IF so maybe this is the reason for the crazy change. and BTW for $30 and up a month maybe Verizon should be updating their network to handle the heavy load!
  • No, the Droid X does not have native Flash support. FroYo will bring that to natively to Android. The HTC Droid Incredible, however, does have native Flash support through HTC's customized browser.
  • I just hope the Verizon does not become the next AT&T...
  • Given the same numbers of smartphones on Verizon, their network will buckle under the load just as AT&T did. And their puffing up their chests and talking about the 5 times usage today means they will be introducing tiers and data caps tomorrow. (RSN)
  • You make me LOL.. seriously.
  • Do you mean by capping data? If so, then it's not a question of IF, it's a question of when. If you mean their network will crash under the load, like AT&T, then probably not. For two reasons: the numbers of Droids is far below the number of iPhones in use on AT&T; and I think Verizon's capacity in large cities is probably better than AT&Ts.
  • if this keeps up after the honeymoon period, then this help's sprint justify their extra $10 a month "evo tax" (which i'd rather pay and still have unlimited data then have tiered packages)
  • Like I said this is probably just new Android owners going OMG.. I can download tons of apps for everything.. and they've probably never had an Android platform in their lives.. It'll wear off. I don't see Verizon charging any more for data, or tiering plans.. I think we might get an increase for the 4G services next year/end of this year, but nothing right now.
  • I doubt it. Those apps aren't too big, so they'd have to be downloading hundreds of them to make a big impact. I personally think it's streaming media. This device is the perfect PMP (portable/personal media player), and with the data, you can (assuming you have connectivity) watch videos anywhere. I think it's people going OMG.. I can download tons of media (apps as well, but there not as big), which is saturating the network, the difference between media and apps? On top of being larger, media will probably go up if anything else, not down. (For example, I've been using it more and more to watch videos around my house, because it's lighter than my lappy, and I don't have to worry (as much) about battery life and keeping it safe).
  • Of course its uses more data the screens bigger. Duhhhh
  • I agree that the newness of the device is a contributing factor. In addition to seeing where usage levels off after the wow factor has subsided, I would like to see usage numbers for the same post-launch period for other devices. And is that 5 times more (6 times as much), or 5 times as much?
  • I'm one of the ones causing the spike. Before I got the phone i had around 40 apps predetermined to download. Plus I'm coming from AT&T where I only get EDGE where I live to 3G on Verizon thats actually as fast as my home internet(which probably says something about how much HUGHESNET satellite sucks) so I rarely switch to wifi.
  • Verizon should have expected this. The phone is a data monster. It's built to do more and use more. Now if only mine would show up at the front door it would be great...........
  • I use approximately 200 megabytes a day on my Evo 4G, so I can see how it is possible to use 5 times as much as other phones.
  • Sounds like Verizon is managing customer expectations; making statements to get us ready for the end of unlimited data plans.
  • Wow, you guys on Verizon must not use much data. On the Droid X I'm using about the same as I used on my iPhone.....
  • Tiered Data,it's coming.... Verizon has it almost set up, the free WiFi option, the new Data Tracker app, and now the high-data usage rationalization.Just change out Verizon for AT&T and Droids for iPhones.
  • Tiered data plans may be on the horizon, but you used a bad comparison. Verizon's network can handle the traffic just fine, obviously. That's the difference.
  • You can take this several ways. 1. You can be mean and say because Byrne is blonde her "like 5x the data" is an exaggeration. Say it in a valley girl voice if you have to. 2. its another verizon attempt to say see how great our network is. the droid x which just came out and there are no issues even though people are tearing through the data. 3. Or they buttering people up for intro tiered plans.
  • Wait until you're on WiFi to do app updates, or to transfer large files. It's probably faster, too. Do your part, people!
  • Am I the only one who can hear the AT&T execs giggling...?
  • Easier to use more data when you can quickly load more web sites.
  • Given that my wifi connection doesn't stay active, I need to stay on 3G using more bandwidth.
  • Lol they should compare it to my usage then it wouldn't look so bad. I use a lot of data. I almost hit 5gb every month.
  • Even loading in pages takes in extra data. If you switch the browser mode to desktop then it loads more data in which also takes a lil longer to load the page. Is there a way I can see how much data I have used on my Evo? It was built in my instinct and showed me everything about how much data, mins, and other stuff I have used. I hope for everyone's sake that Verizon does not start screwing there customers with data caps. Hope they don't turn into at&t.
  • Engadget has it on their site about tier pricing on vzw
  • Pretty funny how this story comes out from VZW and now rumors magically appear the same day that tiered rates are coming very soon. We knew it was coming but its still sad to see. Hopefully Sprint and T-Mobile will keep their data plans as they are. They stand to gain alot of customer's if so.
  • Just another excuse to cap data in a data consuming world
  • Sprint seen this coming so they already knew to charge extra for their 4G network. The other carriers are just setting up excuses to set data caps for extra money.
  • Tiered pricing is the worst. Now we have gotten to a point in the smartphone game that we have so much content to download, stream, and upload. And now carriers want to out caps on us. What's the point of touting your 3G network if we can only use it to a certain point?
  • I have never been for socialism so I agree the tiered plans are needed. Why should someone who uses 47K a month pay a high rate and help support someone who uses 5 gig a month? Pay for what you use, not what the other person uses. It is only fair. (Note: I use about 400 meg myself so I figure I'll be paying more when my contract expires.) Go head and blast me, but I'm figuring those who dislike what I have said are those who use enormous amounts of data monthly. Besides, I'm used to saying things people do not like and I love it. :-)
  • That's wonderful that you are so capitalistic. For capitalism to work you need competition. In my area there is no competition for Verizon. I have no other form of broadband. People talk about broadband as if it is electricity or water. When you pay for electricity you get just that, electricity. When you pay for broadband you get ads, spam, and anything you click on you find out isn't what you were looking for. By paying by the megabyte or gigabyte you are paying them to send you these things you don't want or need. I will no longer use any apps that send me ads. I will also block any ads in any website I can. This really irritates me (as if you couldn't tell).
  • Agreed. Bryan Lunduke wrote a post on his blog complaining about the same thing. I think the 'free and supported by ads' model is a piece of garbadge, and it drives me nuts that many of the apps on the marketplace have these adds.
  • I've amazed even myself by using 250mb in just 5 days! I can't believe it...
  • Here's what you do if Verizon tries to change to tiered Data. Tell them this. With a smartphone you are forcing me to have a data plan. Changing the plan to a tiered program significantly changes the pricing of my plan month to month. Due to restrictions placed on my plan now that I only get X gigabytes per month now instead of unlimited and now must pay for extra data usage I demand one of the following. 1. Let me out of contract ETF free due to the fact the new plan affects pricing dramatically. or 2. Lock me in permanently with a $30 unlimited data plan and keep me as a customer. I'm pretty sure if they change something drastic that is required for you phone bill that significantly changes your pricing you can get out of contract ETF free. If they don't want to lose your business, they will probably agree to the lockin @ $30 a month. You might have to talk to supervisors to get what you want though.
  • ?
  • I assume any of us already on an Unlimited Data Plan will be grandfathered in. Correct?
  • Correction to my post:
    I had a Blackberry that was impossible to use on the Internet for years and I just gave Verizon my money. Now with the Motorola X I can finally get what I paid for. I think the price is now fair.
  • I had a Blackberry that was impossible to us on the Internet for years and I just gave Verizon my money. Now with the Motorola X I can finally get what I paid for. I think the price is now fair.
  • I'm in the same boat, going from a BB to the X, I can actually use the browser much as I would my laptop. It's what my BB should have been as far as browsers go. I actually feel like I'm getting my moneys worth for a change (even though I'm still paying through the nose) with that said I've only used 128mb since launch
  • Tiered pricing? Data caps? I'm grandfathered in ATTs unlimited data plan. Not going to leave that anytime soon.
  • I'm grandfathered in Verizon's unlimited data plan. I just made the switch from a BlackBerry to a Droid X and they told me that they'll keep me on a $30/mo unlimited data plan without voice plan (available only for Deaf/HOH customers, like myself). I only pay the total of $35/mo including insurance. :)
  • i skipped right down to the bottom here, but even unlimited now doesn't mean unlimited. i think if Verizon's prices go up i would consider moving to another provider i mean my cell phone plan is more then my electric bill. I'm sure Verizon anticipated the jump is data usage with the release of the android based phones. looking at my usage for the past week and its at 27 megs so even if i keep using it heavy were talking less then 200 megs a month so i hope they dont rape me for more $ based on that.
  • This is unfair to judge, the phone has been out 2 weeks or so and with that everyone who gets one will be downloading a bunch of apps so of course the droid x owners will use the most data because verizon isnt selling much of other phones at the moment so with all the data used in people getting used to their phones i see this stat will taper off
  • 1. We will be Grandfathered in.
    2. Maybe if VZW didnt pre install a ton of useless APPS Amazon MP3?? WTF it constantly runs. These factory installed APPS are a drain on both DATA and Battery. Sure they get paid to install these and force us to possible use them at some point but really in the long run is it cost effective?
  • Of course, the heavy data usage could be related to the issues with wifi not working properly. I know I for one am having to use 3G more than wifi, as I continue to have problems staying connected to my wifi at home. So until this is fixed, my data usage will definitely be higher on 3G.