Motorola Droid X Launch Coverage

We've had the Droid X for a few weeks, and now it's your turn, as Motorola's 4.3-inch monster is now available in stores and online. There's a whole lot of news flying around. Here's what you need to know:

Our comprehensive Droid X review

If you read nothing else, read this. From the hardware to the software and everything in between, we've got the Droid X covered up and down, with videos, to boot.

Our Droid X forums

Often times you -- our loyal readers -- are our best sources of information. And that's where our forums come in. Have a question? Looking for some help? Look in the forums. We do.

Droid X accessories guide

Now that you've got your phone, it's time to accessorize. From cases to memory cards to Bluetooth headsets, our Droid X Accessories Guide breaks it all down for you.

Our Droid X super page

Can't get enough Droid X? Check out our super page, which comprises all of our Droid X stories, videos -- everything you could possibly want.

Everything you need to know (in 10 minutes or less)

Fine. You're a visual learner. We get it. Here's most everything you need to know to get started with your Droid X, crammed into a 10-minute video. Strap in.