droid sms

Open your text messages application on your Droid, and notice it's, well, empty? Apparently a new known issue that has been plaguing a group of Droids is this rather random deletion of your SMS and MMS messages from your device. This means that all of those lovey dovey texts you sent your significant other, all the pictures of your friends drinking at the bar while your working, or the video of the guy walking into the street sign are now gone, vanished into thin air. Unfortunately there is no simple way to just back these up so they are able to be restored, unless your all fancy and keep current nandroid backups of your device (if you happen to know what that is), or if you, say, used Google Voice. Well, in all seriousness, if you have seen this issue, or happen to know any magic fixes, please, share your experience with us in the forums. [code.google.com via Consumerist]