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Droid Incredible root instructions now available (updated)

Remember how we said the other day that the Verizon Droid Incredible had been rooted, but that the method wasn't quite ready for public consumption? Well, your time has come, folks. This one's still a little complicated as you're getting the phone to recognize ADB while in recovery. Shadowmite says other methods are still being explored, but you, too, can now root you Droid Incredible.

And that said, Android Central Forum member cnash6 shows us how the process can be automated a bit via a couple of batch files, and he points us to a nice video walkthrough showing you how it's done. Peep it after the break.

For the full Unrevoked instructions (via XDA), click here. And watch cnash6's mejdam's video and download the files for the method.

Update:  Whoopsie. Thanks to cnash6 for pointing out the batch file method, but as he corrects us in the comments, it wasn't his method. Our bad, and apologies to mejdam.

  • Is this kid on crack he reminds me of the matchbox guy in the early 90's late 80's. Not to mention the camera is blurry. Hopefully someone comes out with a better video
  • lol, I was thinking the same thing and came to comment it, but you beat me to it. But I think its the MicroMachines guy your thinking of. This kid must be his son(and my brother for that matter, I talk just as fast).
    Nice work though. Thanks for the video.
  • i have tried like 10 times and cant seem t get it down. can someone help me?
  • Dude, I followed his instructions perfectly and Had ROOT within 10 minutes. AWESOME vid. Awesome root. Now enjoying wireless tether. PS, I used an old 1gb micro SD from my LG Dare and I got the error that you need on the first try.
  • Awesome! Root! Now I have to decide if I want too. Let's see what's up!
  • This is prry all fine and dandy for some folks out there, which is pretty swell. For me however, I'm too attached to HTC Sense to let it go.
  • You do not lose HTC Sense. You lose nothing, just gain root access.
  • you dont loose sense unless you flash a custom rom. root allows you to gain super user status. and install apps like sdfree (no more adds on your device), wireless tether, whatever you want.
  • LOL. I have a fair amount of computer experience and YES this video went REALLY fast. It was definitely hard to keep up with him.
  • Be fair -- he only has 10 minutes :) Read the instructions, then watch the video, then repeat
  • I caught it the first time because I understand computers. As for rooting a phone well Im coming from BB and I would like to have a decent video to watch with someone who explains it a tad better. If you only have 10 min dont make a video, wait till you can do a decent video Ive lost all respect for this guy because he just wants to rush it out there and be "first"
  • Youtube has a 10 min time limit on their videos. Instead of being an ignorant asshole, why don't you do some reading first.
  • *Golf clap*
  • Youtube limits aren't my problem but thank you "sax". Ive seen plenty of video's that explain rooting for the evo and droid that are clean and clear and in depth in less then 10 min.
  • Man, stop criticizing this guy. I followed his instructions and they worked perfectly. Had root on first try using old 1gb micro SD. His instructions are great. Just listen to it first, then PAUSE the video and slightly repeat sections as you are doing it. If you can follow directions, you will have no problem.
  • Still cant change kernals. Im gonna stick with getting the Moto Droid
  • it just got rooted this week. Give it some time and there will be tons of roms floating around.
  • Woah! These aren't my instructions. I followed the video, I doubt make it. I can see why someone might have thought I was taking credit for it, and that was because I failed to give proper credit. I an almost sure this video is unrevokable's work. They deserve the accolades not me. Sorry for the confusion! All I wanted to do was say that I was successful with this method, not claim that I made it.
  • Hey if you make another video and take your time im sure it would be great!
  • Taken care of. Thanks!
  • Droid Incredible and 2.2 froyo anyone... I cant wait....
  • I can't get it to work. Must be my 8GB SanDisk card not working with it. Luckily I have a no name (although larger) card on its way from Hong Kong. I'll try it again then.
  • tried every method and 3 different cards (8gb SD from old storm 1, 2gb PNY - new, and a really old 512mb transflash card). no love for any of them and, yes, i know what i'm doing.
  • Wow this kids good. Maybe if I watch this 100 more times. Just a Lil different then jailbreakin. Thanks hope there's more to come. Fare thee well.
  • It should be noted that cnash6 DID NOT make these. Phil, you need to correct that. He says so in the forum post. And here. Just FYI ;)
  • Thanks. We got it.
  • Yeah looks sweet, but i cant see what half the stuff he was talking about was, but thanks for the video
  • if i root my phone do i have to use a custom rom? or can i continue using HTC Sense?
  • You do not lose HTC Sense. You lose nothing, just gain root access. No custom rom.
  • sweet thanks
  • I'm an Android newbie, so can anyone tell me what advantages I get from rooting my new Dinc? Thx!!
  • This is just a rehash of everything that has been covered over on XDA for the last week or more. I've tried every which way possible and none of this techniques work for me. Guess I'll just not worry about it for awhile till they find a less "luck" induced way of achieving root.
  • great that its rooted on video (in under 10 minutes). Now someone just needs to make a slower.. and clearer video
  • Success!! My snag was that whole sd card problem, but worked following these steps (thanks to first person that posted it) 1. Load up the fastboot menu by holding down power and the optical trackpad.
    2. Plug in the USB cable
    3. Press power again to select fastboot.
    4. Click the SD card out, highlight recovery, and then press power to select recovery.
    5. As the first white HTC screen is loading, you will hear a "detach" sound if you are on a windows computer. Immediately click the SD card in at this time.
    6. Try to get into shell.
    7. If you did not get into recovery, reboot into the OS by holding down power and volume up and clicking power again. Do a battery pull and repeat steps 1-6. This was posted from my laptop while wirelessly tethered to my Inc.
  • Thanks molinap1. Your instructions combined with the files from the video worked for me. Thanks to everyone for working on this. Can't wait for froyo :) -Posted via wi-fi tether on Incredible!
  • Well, I have been reading through all the replies about this SD card thing and not being able to get into adb shell. I tried your suggestions, and have spent the past 1/2 hr trying over and over to get this to work and nothing different.
  • I just rooted my first phone! thanks for the video
  • this video is insanity lol. very frantic and dont think ill be able to follow lol
  • @androidjunkie I made an account just to tell you thank you
    I have had a heck of a time trying to get my droid incredible rooted but what instructions you gave made a 3 hour headache turn into a 3min process YOU DA MANN
  • Yeah im so excited to try this later just got done watching the video again, great job dude
  • To anyone who has done this and used the tethering. Is it just wireless tethering for a single phone, or is acting as a hotspot for multiple devices?
  • Will this root allow me to delete preloaded programs i.e. City ID, Teeter, etc? Also will it allow me to stop certain apps from loading up on start up like KeyRing, and Photos?
  • I tried removing the CityID apk directly from the phone but was unsuccessful. I think for now the only way way is through the adb shell while in recovery mode.
  • I have tried with 2 SD Cards. a 2gb and an 8gb. I have tried all methods including the pull out SD card method and none has worked. Im scrounging for a old sd card but any further methods would be greatly appreciated.
  • You can do it. Just run the loop. Listen for the windows disconnect sound and push the card back in immediately. If you the card in after the screen goes black, too late. Keep trying and you will get it. Once I got it the first time, I got it every time. I believe in you.
  • I also have tried my 2GB and 8GB SD sandisk and was unsuccessful. Is it an SD card related issue getting this rooted. Please help as I look forward in getting my incredible rooted. Thanks.... Any further assistance is much appreciated.
  • Thanks for the video worked great now my inc is rooted
  • I don't know if this helps or not, but when the first method didn't work for me, I tried the second (popping out the sd card, then in once I heard the "thunk" on my computer). It never worked *UNTIL*, I got pi$$ed off and just left my computer, running the loop.bat and the phone with that red triangle/black screen, to take a dump. I got back an low and behold it worked and showed that proper text line. So my only guess is...give it time??? It was a 32gb SanDisk also so I am not sure how much size has to do with it or card quality. I didn't also notice the flicker of a single line of black pixels on the HTC screen after recovery is pressed.
  • lol @ taking a dump!!!!! I dont know what to do .. Ive tried everything.. I cant even take a dump i am so anxious!!!!!!!! Ill just give it time!!!!!! this is crazy!
  • Sweet, I have rooted my incredible!!! Thanks to everyone who worked on this!
  • Are you guys using a blank SD card or one with all your data on it?
  • I did it with an 8GB card that had about 5GB of music, videos and docs on it.
  • Do I HAVE to wipe my phone clean to achieve root or have people done it with a phone they have been using since launch?
  • Do I HAVE to wipe my phone clean to achieve root or have people done it with a phone they have been using since launch?
  • You do not have to wipe the phone. I used a different SD card, but after I was done, I just switched back to my original card.
  • woo hoo - I've got root! This is my first time to root a phone, and I have one question: What files can now be deleted from my SDCard? I already deleted the, and I never got the android.tether folder (but I don't care about tethering, plus it'll come with froyo), but what else can go and what NEEDS to stay? Thanks so much for everyone's hard work!
  • Hi...wondering which big files from tools you moved to the reformatted card and also wondering if you wiped out all of the programs on your phone before you achieved root. THAT is the question I cant seem to find an answer for.
  • I've been using my Incredible for about a month. I have a class 6 16GB microSD card I bought from a name-brand manufacturer (not gonna look it up now - SanDisk maybe?) that I've put photos and music onto. I have about 15-20 Market apps. The day this root was released I watched the video. Then, last night when I had time on my hands, I downloaded the files and followed the video step by step (e.g. pausing, watching ahead a little and rewinding a lot). I did certain things in my own order - such as waiting on HTC Sync to fully install before continuing, so I wouldn't confuse myself - and followed instructions very closely other times - such as when to press what buttons on my phone. Running 'adb shell' manually didn't work for me. I did exactly what the video said to in this case and ran the loop batch file and then pressed the right button combo on my phone and that worked fine. I used my phone as-is, followed the video and was done in about 20 minutes. I'm not going to say everyone will have the same experience, but this was mine, and it was just as the video said. Also, about the files from the tools folder: I ran whatever command(s) the video said to - one of which I think I remember was for copying files from the tools folder. I did not manually copy anything to my SD card - I just straight followed the video. Hope that helps! p.s. The first thing I did as root was to buy/download MyBackup Pro. I gave it root permission and it backed up my phone data, apps and app data. I feel much better having a (hopefully) good backup of everything on my phone! Now I just need to figure out how to make an image of the whole thing, for re-flashing later...
  • After I reformatted my SD card, I copied and to it. No particular reason to chose those files other than I had read in some thread that having some files on the card might help to slow the timing of the read of the card. I don't know if the files are important or the reformat or both. BTW, I did not have to wipe the phone.
  • It took three nights for this to work for me. First night, I tried every microSD card that I had (four). Next night I bought the PNY 2GB (class4, I think) from Walmart and that still didn't work with any method described. I also tried using a different computer running XP, instead of my laptop with Win7 32. I spent hours and hours, rebooting, pushing in/out SD cards, etc. before giving up in frustration. Tonight, I tried with just two minor changes: 1) reformatted the PNY from my win7 laptop to standard FAT with quick unchecked. 2) copied a couple of big files from the sdk/tools directory onto the SD card after the format. First try after that using the simplest method (first one shown in the video) and it just worked!
  • Did you end up using the Windows XP machine or Windows 7? Has anyone gotten it to work with Windows XP?
  • I ended up using the Windows 7 laptop. Did not try again with the XP after it worked.
  • OK...thanks for letting me know. I've tried with two different XP machines, but I never see the "HTC Bootloader" balloon message in the Windows system tray as in the video. So I think that I'll need to go find a Vista or Windows 7 machine to make this work.
  • I too have had nothing but headaches with this incredible root, I tried your suggestions, but nothing different happened. I still cannot get past the adb shell error device not found.
  • ROOTED in first try! The video is excellent! Thank you to all!
  • Have worked on this for 3 hours now. Tried 2 16 GB cards, a 256 MB card, and went out and bought a 2 GB and it didn't work either. Tried on a win7 x86 thinkpad and an xp x86 acer netbook. tried both methods (video and popping the card in just after the disconnect sound). Tried waiting for a long time, tried copying files. Man, anybody got any other suggestions? Is everybody getting it eventually? What seems to put you over the top? pure luck?
  • Does anyone know if you can root the incredible using mac OS X?
  • same here
  • Been trying this for about 5 hours now and can't get the "failed - no such file or directory" message on the DOS screen. I've tried the loop function many times with no message. I've also tried waiting like others have suggested.
  • Do any of the firmware/kernel versions matter? I've been trying basically everything in this thread to no avail over multiple SD cards and OS's. I can't get the adb shell to work even while looping. My firmware version is 2.1-update1
    My kernel is 2.6.29-cc1c2268 htc-kernel@and18-2 #1
    My build is 1.22.605.2 CL161494 Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • @batch2k1, yes it is possible to do using OS X. I just did it using the Sandisk 2GB card that came with the phone. I didn't have any luck until I followed AndroidJunkie's instructions, above. It helps to have hardware growler installed so that you can see when the card mounts/unmounts and get your timing right. After going through this process, I am fairly certain that the timing of the key steps is the most important factor. Brand of card, etc. does not seem to matter so much.
  • Thanks for all your work putting this together! I haven't quite gotten it to work yet, but I feel like I'm on the brink. I'm still having issues with the looping of the adb shell command not working. I'm trying the suggested method of removing the SD card and replacing it, but I only have about a quarter of a second from the 'detach' sound on windows to the time my phone screen goes black. is there any validity to the theory of putting a bunch of stuff on the SD card to slow that process down?
  • One quick question, When trying these methods is the htc sync program connected or disconnected. Mine always says disconnected but I have still got the phone to root everytime. When I connect the HTC sync it doesn't root, this may help
  • Does it make any difference HOW you have the "connect to PC" set? Should it be set to the default of charge only? or should it be use as storage device?
  • One other thing, when I connected the phone to the computer, it said found new hardware, but oculd not find the android 1.0 so it didn't load any drivers etc. does that make any difference?
    My phone has been churning in the loop for over 30 minutes now and has not done anything. I am glad it is plugged in.
    I am running Windows XP btw
  • ok so after I tried a bunch of times to root this thing and failed each time, this is what I did that worked. first of all, I got the PNY 2GB SD card from wal mart everybody is talking about. it still didn't work. I did two things differently the last time. First, I formatted the PNY card using my phone, not my computer. you can do this by goin to Settings > SD card & phone storage > Unmount SD card > Format SD card. secondly, when I opened the cmd prompt, I opened it as administrator. when using windows vista or 7, you can do this by clicking start, typing "cmd" in the search box, and when the cmd icon pops up, right click on it and select "run as administrator". I tried the root again, from the beginning and it worked first try. now I have a question. all I did was what the 10 minute video instructed me to do. My phone is rooted, I have wirelessly tethered, isntalled setCPU, installed rom manager. But when I try to install a ROM, (in this case, Binny's ROM) the phone fails. what happens is everytime I try to boot the phone in recovery, it gives me the little picture of my phone with the red question mark above it. then the phone turns off. then it reboots normally. It does this whether I try to reach recover through rom manager, or when I hold the volume down button and power. anybody else having problems accessing recovery mode after root?
  • First and formost thank you for your hard work and amazing knowledge. You make me look like a uber nerd to all my friends when I show them how I "hacked" my phone. For the XP users (that is what I used for this) that are having an issue getting it to see your card here is what worked for me. In the video he has you plug in your cord, then wait, then go to recovery. After 2 hours of trying and retrying this is what worked. BEFORE plugging the usb into the Droid I ran loop.bat
    While loop.bat was running I began the process. Found it the first time.
    What I noticed (much like others) is that I wasn't getting the "hardware found". But when loop.bat was running I got a "adb something... found"
    Worked like a charm. I hope this helps.
  • my couzin metioned rooting the android the other day, and asked me if i could do it to his "driod that started it all" by motorola... i have the incredible and decided if im going to do it to his phone i would try it on mine before i go and start rooting everyone's droid. i just started doing my research today and came across a few different sites that explin how to do so... othersites that are very informative like: xda-developers and unrevolked but this is the only site that has a video on preferming this witch is aweomse... im sure ill be able to do so with the 10 min video - thank you by the way im kinda a visual learner- i understand the percs you get from a rooted phone, but i was woundering if i could get the phone back to its original state (factory) if i needed to for any reason. because im sure by rooting your phone it will void the warrenty... riight? if this topic is discussed in a different thread on this forum, im sorry and if you could point me there that would be great... im only asking because if i have to bring my phone into verizon i would want it to be factory =) othersize im sure there not going to honor anything on it. also is rooting this phone right now going to benifit me with froyo comming out soon? will this rooting, accept the new update, and could it prevent 2.2 from being installed? lemme know, i appreciate any info on the topics =)
  • I can't download the zip. I'm getting a page not found. Does anyone have the zip that they can email me? Thanks!
  • yes i cant find the file download. can u post or send. thanks. Vinman