Droid 4 teardown shows how to remove that non-removable battery

A high-profile smartphone launch isn't complete without the obligatory teardown, wherein people far braver than us take screwdrivers, spudgers and even their bare hands to new devices. The latest phone to get the teardown treatment is the Droid 4, and today the guys at iFixit have cracked open Motorola's latest slider, revealing the usual assortment of PCB, plastic, metal and screws.

The most interesting part of the teardown focuses on the Droid 4's troublesome non-removable battery. The teardown process revealed that in addition to a warning sticker, the battery is fixed in place with Torx screws and glue, making removal challenging and potentially hazardous. Putting pressure on a lithium ion battery tends to cause bad things -- like explosions -- to happen, so iFix recommends gently prising it out with a spudger.

The bottom line is that this Droid is the most difficult to fix yourself, due to the battery situation and the fact that the keyboard contacts have been moved onto the main board. That means that if a keyboard contact breaks, you'll need to replace one of the most expensive components. So while the Droid 4 may be one of the best QWERTY-toting Androids available, it's going to be a little tougher to repair any faults or damage yourself.

If you're into looking at smartphones in various states of undress, you can find the full teardown over at the source link.

Source: iFixit

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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