Android Central downloads

We've got a bunch of great ways to keep up with the latest from Android Central on your smartphone, tablet or computer — above and beyond visiting a web page in a browser.

Here's a look at our available downloads:

Android apps

We've got a trio of apps available, each serving a different purpose.

Chrome extension

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to check out the latest headlines for Android Central give our Chrome extension a shot. One click gets you the news. And one more click gets you a look at our various news sections. It's a great way to keep up with latest news from the greatest Android site around. Download it from the Chrome Web Store!

Free Android wallpapers

Our readers love Android wallpapers — and they love sharing their favorite wallpapers. That's why we created our reader-submitted wallpaper gallery. This is where you can find the coolest wallpapers as used by people who actually love wallpapers. New wallpapers are uploaded every day! Check out the wallpaper gallery!

The Android Central Pebble watch face

Have a Pebble smart watch? Want to trick it out with the best-looking Android mascot around? Now you can. We've got our very own Lloyd baked into a watch face, ready for immediate downloading. Get the Android Central Pebble watch face!

Android Central on Google Glass

Google Glass now supports IFTTT, which means you can now shoot notifications on over via RSS feeds. So, of course, we've done that. 

Click here for our IFTTT recipe to get Android Central Stories directly in Google Glass.

Phil Nickinson