DoubleTwist adds Android Market to its arsenal

Not using the doubleTwist yet to sync movies, music and photos to your Android Smartphone? You're really running out of reasons why, especially if you're on a Mac. (Oh, and by the way, it's still free.) The popular sync solution for Android unleashed a new version on the Mac client, bringing Android Market integration as well as a Web portal to the Market. Search for an app, and you're greeted with screen shots, a QR code for download, and recent reviews. Unfortunately, there's no direct communication with your phone, so you'll have to hit up the QR code. But it's one step closer to making doubleTwist the perfect sync solution.

Also new in the Mac version is podcast search (the ability to sync and subscribe is coming up) as well as a new integrated music player. The Windows version of doubleTwist should get Market integration in the next release. [doubleTwist]

Phil Nickinson