Don't worry, LG isn't giving up on its smartphone business anytime soon

LG Wing
LG Wing (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • It was reported earlier in the week that LG would be exiting the smartphone market after years of underperformance.
  • The company was said to be selling its mobile business wholesale at the end of January.
  • LG has denied the rumor, calling it untrue.

LG's mobile division has been losing money steadily over the years. Whether due to a string of underwhelming devices, a reputation for poor QA, or just poor corporate strategy, the former smartphone giant has found itself an also-ran in the market.

A report this week emerged from the Korean site The Elec, claiming that LG's mobile business was if more dire straits than thought. The company was planning to sell it off by the end of the month and would make this announcement by the 26th. Or so the report went.

Speaking to XDA, LG denied the report strongly in unambiguous language. LG's Ken Hong said: "Definitely untrue, more speculation and rumors." The Elec has since then pulled the original report from its site.

So there you have it. LG isn't shutting down its mobile business. Reports from stronger sources like Reuters indicate a desire and willingness to double down in making novel, more distinctive products while outsourcing less ambitious phones to Chinese ODMs. The company will still make regular devices that compete with some of the best smartphones like the Velvet. It also has its experiments in the LG Wing, and it showed off a rollable phone this CES.

Michael Allison
  • They burned me with my G4, wont go back.
  • I also had a boot loop G4 and I've now been with Samsung for years. I bought a refurbished G8 for a backup. It's actually pretty fantastic.
  • I enjoy my V60 with the dual screen case. Nice bang for my buck though they really need to work on speedier updates. Barely a word about updating to Android 11.
  • LG really should give up the smartphone business as they won't listen to their customers with software updates which they suck at and their software sucks too.
  • To bad about lg. They had a lot of good ideas for phones.. All feature packed and cheaper than Samsung.. To bad they had a lot of problems with them as well.. Hope they get back up one day.
  • It's also amazing how Sony's mobile division is doing. They don't suffer from the terrible software situation but they keep those high ass prices.