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Dolphin for Pad V1.0 enters beta stages

Remember when Dolphin v6.0 was released? At the time of release, MoboTap had just announced their new funding from Sequioa Capital and let it be known they would be using that funding for further developments. Here we are a short time later, and they've now made available Dolphin for Pad in beta form. Sharing many of the same features from Dolphin HD, Dolphin for Pad is a re-worked version built and designed for Honeycomb tablets. Given that it is a beta, some stuff remains needing to be ported over but for now you get:

  • Gestures
  • Add-ons
  • Multi-touch-zoom
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Side bars: Left side bar will change into windows list you opened

The folk from MoboTap will be looking for feedback on this release so if you have an Android tablet kicking around -- give it a shot and let them know how it's working for you or any other suggestions may have. Download link can be found beyond the break.

Source: Dolphin

  • Dolphin HD has been so good on my G-Slate that I am not even needing a tablet specific version of it. Yet, the tablet beta is a nice start and once it has all of the features (and hopefully more) from the HD version I'm sure I will make it my main browser. A little work on the left and right swipe gestures and maybe a way to sync bookmarks like Opera Mobile would be impressive. However, OM is about to be removed from my homescreen as this is likely taking its place soon.
  • I juse Dolphin Mini which does all this stuff already.
    Since Dolphin is just a thin wrapper around the stock browser anyway, what's the point of yet another version?
  • I just loaded Dolphin HD a few days ago on my Xoom and I must say it is pretty impressive. The one major advantage over the stock browser is that I can tell it DESKTOP MODE so it will pull the full version of websites instead of those designed for a 4" phone! The one thing that is really missing is an Adblocker addon. :(
  • You can stock browser to desktop mode too. Go to Settings > Advanced >User agent string. From there you can change it to tablet, mobile, or desktop.
  • True but unless there has been a change, you have to do this every time. There are better (faster) browsers that you set once and never have to worry about again.
  • Left Dolphin HD a couple of weeks ago for Opera Mini (on my xoom & dinc) -- it's scary fast.
  • Interesting they should call this a Beta version as that means that all functionality is present and all known major bugs have been fixed. But, early feedback is important and if calling it a whatever helps, then power to them.
  • Greatest new feature so far: Tabs stay pinned to top of window (one of my biggest issues with the HD version).
  • How do you import bookmarks from Dolphin HD or stock browser?