Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 hits Android Market, is now ad-free

After a series of successful beta tests, Dolphin Browser HD is now updated in the Android Market to version 5.0.  There's a long list of features, both new and old that make it the web browser of choice for quite a few people, and with the latest free version all advertisements have been removed, giving users a premium app feature that many people have been wanting.

Besides the removal of ads, the look has been updated to what the folks at Dolphin are calling the "Fire UI," changes have been made to the Bookmarks menu and sidebar, the themes and add-ons have been updated, and the new tab button now open a a speed dial page where you can reach your favorites or re-open recently closed tabs.

If you are rocking a high density screen Android phone or tablet, you really have to give Dolphin HD a look -- there's a reason it has a 4.5 star rating in the Market, and we give it our own Editor's Choice tag here at the office.  Dolphin HD is available in 16 languages, requires Android 2.0.1 or higher, and is free in the Android Market.  Hit the break for the download link.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • no dolphin mini?
  • How the hell do you set Homepage in 5.0???
  • Go to the bookmarked page, long press and scroll down to the bottom of the menu.
  • Which is faster at rendering pages dolphin mini or dolphin hd right now i use mini because it was faster than hd 4.0?
  • I found the dolphin hd browser ran substantially slower than the stock browser over the past couple months. It wouldn't show any of the page load until the whole thing was loaded which was pretty annoying. I will download this to see if the issue is fixed. DX GB
  • Im so stuck on the Stock Browser... I used to use Dolphin and XScope .... guess i'll give it a try again.
  • I used dolphin hd as my main browser and with this newer version, things got that much more butter smooth on my rooted Samsung Epic 4G. Dolphin Browser FTW!
  • Is this better than opeta??
  • Dont do it!! I think this 5.0 is really beta 4, because as soon as I loaded it, it wouldn't work worth a darn. It would start to load any web page and just stop. Had to force close it manually. Finally had to get rid of it and restored my 4.6.1 version through Titanium Backup. And the home page still says its beta. I'm sorry, but right now, I would tell everyone to avoid this 5.0 until they actually get it working and have a true non-beta release.
  • i have installed the new version 5.0, and it works good on my phone.
    And early in the morning i download from their official blog, so it is the final version after testing to Android market.
    contact their support team if you do have such problems:
  • Not working good. evo running cm7. The pre update worked awesome but this is slow and force closes a lot
  • Works fine for me. I guess it just depends on the Android device (like most apps)? I'm on a Samsung Fascinate btw.
  • Works fine. Fastest browser available for Android. Video working fine which wasnt working in the last beta for me.
  • I saw this article and I went on and downloaded it on my Unrooted EVO... It's freaking SLOW as molasses!!! Can't render the pages as fast as its previous version. Though the UI is a lot slicker and easy on the eyes. The trade-off though sucks!!!
  • Mine is working as it should. I like it !!!
  • I have not tried the newest one yet but I have tried the most recent dolphin hd, x-scope,both operas, miren browser and skyfire and dolphin browser mini is to me the best one because it has a lot of good features and is easy to use. Androidaholic