Does the Pixel 3 camera live up to the hype?

The Google Pixel 3 is one of the best smartphones of the year, but one area in particular where it truly shines above just about everything else is its camera performance.

For the last couple of years, Google's Pixel series has been the gold standard when it comes to smartphone photography. The Pixel 3 continues that trend with great prowess, and if you caught our full review of the phone, you'll know that we're more than impressed with what Google was able to achieve this year.

However, in day-to-day use for the AC forum community, is the Pixel 3's camera just as impressive?

I came from the iPhone XS. The cameras are what I would consider a wash, pixel is a little on the cooler scales and iPhone warmer, really comes down to preference. The video on Pixel 3XL isn't even close, the iPhone blows it out of the water... hopefully they can fix it with some software updates.


As an avid photographer with multiple DSLRs and about 20 lenses in my collection I used to laugh at cell phone photography. Don't get me wrong...some cell phones took nice snapshots but I was never impressed enough where I felt comfortable going away without a dedicated camera so I bought a compact DSLR with a internal zoom lens to get by. That was until I purchased a Pixel 2 XL. I was...

Mike Dee

it is the bomb 💣


It is on par with DSLR at times for sure thanks for the great post


What do you think? Does the Pixel 3's camera live up to the hype?

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