Do you think the Pixel 4 is a fail?

Google officially launched the Pixel 4 and 4 XL this past Friday, opening the flood gates for everyone to get their hands on the company's latest and greatest flagships.

There's a lot on offer with the Pixel 4 series, and while both phones are equipped with solid performance and great cameras, weak batteries across the borad causes reason for concern.

Taking a look through the AC forums, here's what our community has to say about the phones.

Bezels aside, as I think this bezel hysteria is just damn stupid, but why did Google knee cap this phone so bad? I mean, at 800 for a base model, you have got to get it right. Pixel fan: WE LOVE THE FINGERPRINT SCANNER! Google: Okay, good, let's just remove the fingerprint scanner and replace it with a controversial face scanner. Pixel fans: We need a bigger battery, thank you for...


2 more from another pixel fan that will stay on Note 10+ this year and see if Google wakes up for Pixel 5. Pixel fan: I have a pixel 3 XL and would like to upgrade to the upcoming pixel. I am a loyal customer and a good trade in value will get me loyal even more and ready to upgrade. Google: we hear you. So here is $260 for your MINT pixel 3 XL. Oh and by the way, we appreciate apple phones...


They've had MANY chances to nail it, and haven't yet, I don't see why the 5 will be any different. I think they're making pixels for fun, and don't actually expect to make a huge profit on tons of phones sold. I suspect it's more of an advertising ploy to get the Google name out there connected with their other products. The pixels a niche phone, always has been and I think it always will...

J Dubbs

My wife has a fairly new 2 XL and I was seriously contemplating getting a Pixel in the not to distant future. That thought quickly went out the window after seeing their Pixel 4 offerings. Definitely won't be spending 1K (CAD) for a measly 64GB , that's a joke.


What about you? Do you think the Pixel 4 is a fail?

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