Do you think it's OK for Samsung to put ads on its Android phones?

Galaxy S20 Ultra
Galaxy S20 Ultra (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

When you buy a flagship Android phone, it should provide you with a flagship-grade experience. That means top-of-the-line specs, a great design, and clean software that's not loaded down with a ton of promotional apps or advertisements. Unfortunately, this is something Samsung doesn't fully grasp.

Our friends at Android Police recently published an article highlighting the fact that Galaxy smartphones are filled with ads in a bunch of the first-part Samsung apps — such as Samsung Pay, Samsung Music, Samsung Health, and even the dialer app.

This got a lot of our members in the AC forums talking about the issue, with the conversation going as follows.

I just seen this, my brother got a ad on his ultra 20 today. I'm not at all happy about this, I paid good money for this phone. I was looking to go to the note 20, but I'm not sure now. These aren't cheap phones to have to put up with ads.


Yeah, that seemed pretty ridiculous to me.:-\

B. Diddy

I received a couple of very annoying ads a few days after I started using my Note 10+, all of them from Samsung itself. It really upset me, and it was kind of hard to find in internet instructions to block it. Now I don't receive any ads anymore, but I must say if it happens, I'm going to ditch Samsung for good. To pay 1000 bucks and still receive annoying ads is simply unacceptable for me.


Completely unacceptable. You pay $1400 for a phone, you shouldn't be forced with ads when you get it home. At the very least you should be able to turn them off. I saw that article where they stick an ad in the dialer?! Really Samsung?? I think I read a month or two ago ads popping up in their Samsung Music app or something like that?? When I got my Note 8... Irritated me that I'd open the...


What do you think? Is it OK for Samsung to put ads on its Android phones?

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Joe Maring

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  • Fack no it's not ok
  • No it is not for what we pay for these phone. If you were subsidized then yes maybe if it was part of the agreement to buy the phone. When we pay what we do for these phones as is no...Just no!
  • No, it is not ok.
  • No, I do not.
  • Unpopular opinion here. Yes, I'm ok with it. In theory at least. They're Samsung's apps and they should be allowed to put ads in them. That doesn't mean I want to see them. The notification ones should have settings to turn them off, like any other app, though. If it's an app you can't disable then there should be someway to turn off the ad. If it's just free as is then I should either be able to turn them off completely or buy my way out of it. It's Android and we have alternatives.
  • How dare you apply sense! Rabble! Rabble! /s
  • Might as well save yourself the money and get a Xiaomi if you're going to have ads, will be looking elsewhere.
  • Nope and the Note 9 was my last Samsung phone. Not even gonna chance it.
  • No. And I wouldn't buy a device from a company that does this.
  • No, No, No. It is not ok!!!
  • Here's my thing. They're not blasting your face with them. If you happen to be in the pay app, there will be a slit of ads for earning samsung points on purchases. If you go to the health app, the top part will have ads of you guessed it fitness. These ads are strategically placed and are so minimal that you won't even notice them, plus it's on Samsung apps only. It doesn't bother "*ME*" at all.
  • I left Samsung for LG and couldn't be happier.
  • It's not like it is a $50 amazon fire tablet. these are $1000 + phones. No it is not OK! What's next, for an additional $100 We'll remove the ads?
  • I use Samsung apps almost exclusively, so it impacts my experience significantly. I'm done with Samsung.
  • Hell no!'s gotten worse. I Believe I'm going to snatch me up an pixel. Or something other than the ad machine
  • I'm a Note man and have had almost all of them from the beginning. The rest of my family have iPhones and have been trying to get me to switch to their platform. Looks like it's about time for me to jump ship! Thanks a lot, Samsung.
  • Can we get their ads out of my TV too?
  • It's not okay on a premium device.
  • Samsung can do what it wants with its phones.. If you don't like it then don't buy it. Unfortunately.... Then if you don't buy them maybe they will change their minds.