Do you still use a microSD card with your smartphone?

Just a few years ago, any phone that was released without support for microSD card expansion was ridiculed for offering lesser functionality and often looked down upon. Fast forward to early 2018, and it's been the norm for quite some time to have phones that just don't offer this at all.

Smartphones that are released with 128GB and 256GB of internal storage help to mitigate the loss of microSD support, and as Android Central's Andrew Martonik recently pointed out, it's even possible to get by with just 64GB these days. Even so, there are still a ton of users that need to have this feature.

A few of our forum users recently got into a discussion about whether or not they still use/care about microSD functionality on phones, and these are a few of the responses:

An old 16GB card. Basically the only thing in there are downloaded Spotify music on high quality. I'm looking to buy a 128GB card though. My tablet has a 32GB card full of books, so videos don't fit anymore. Will probably just swap. I'm fine with 32GB internal memory for phone use, but that's not enough for media. 16GB isn't enough to download the music at extreme quality (320kbps). I don't...


I have a 32 GB card in my phone, mostly used for media and I move some apps to it to free more space on the internal storage. I like to have a lot of apps so it's easier to do stuff on the go without dealing with websites and stuff instead.


I have a 128Gb card that holds my entire FLAC music library and a few MP4 movies. Without it there's no way I could carry my music library, as nearly all of it is in FLAC rather than the more-compressed (and crappier-sounding) MP3 format. With the nice DAC in the V20, and good headphones, you can DEFINITELY hear the difference.


I use the 200gb card I got for free when I bought my V10. However, I have always used a card, if the device supported it, for music and other media. For example, when I travel, I download a couple of movies at home for backup entertainment and then I can watch them without streaming. Also, the use of a card makes changing devices much easier. You don't have to reinstall music (time...


Now, we'd like to pass the question on to you – Do you care about microSD support on phones?

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