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Do you see a lot of people using Pixel phones?

Google Pixel 4 vs. Pixel 3a
Google Pixel 4 vs. Pixel 3a (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

Here at AC, we talk a lot about Google's Pixel phones. For better or worse, each new generation of the Pixel gives us plenty to discuss — whether it be the excellent cameras or consistently disappointing battery life.

The Pixel lineup is obviously something we all know and are familiar with, but what about "general consumers?" Most folks are aware of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, but what about the Pixel?

A fun way to gauge a phone's popularity is by how often you see it being used by other people out in public, and recently, some AC forum members got to talking about how often/rarely they see Pixels being used.

I work in Manhattan. It's been awhile since I've seen any Pixel

Mike Dee

I have yet to see a Pixel 4 - but I can't wait to see one! I did sit beside a woman at my First Aid recertification course yesterday who had the same phone as me - but that was an S10.


I do see Pixels in the Seattle area, but not specifically Pixel 4. Those are hard to spot, but general Pixels I do see here and there. Obviously no where close to iPhones or Samsung phones.


I have owned every generation of Pixel and in that time I don't think I have ever seen another one out in public. I live in a moderately sized city and have traveled to several major cities during that time, too. I just see the various Samsungs and iPhones, of course.


What about you? Do you see a lot of people using Pixel phones?

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  • As mentioned in the article by AC members in public its just iPhones and Galaxy phones that I can see and confirm. However, where I work it's the same but with some of my colleagues that have Pixel 2 XL and 3 XL phones
  • Nope. I do not.
  • I see more Samsung's & i-phones in the wild. I know several people that don't even know what a pixal phone is? They seem to know more about Google Assistant as opposed to an actual phone. I try to explain to them and then they have this dumb look on their faces? I see it as it's their loss, like they've been living under a rock someplace, yikes!
  • No... The general public must be savvier than I've given them credit for!
  • I live in NYC, it's iPhones and Samsung 95% of the time. I've seen a couple of pixels at best they are not popular phones.
  • No. And I blame most of this on the poor job Google has done marketing their devices. Other than my wife and my son, my friend and his wife and their daughter I really don't know that many people that have pixels...a couple at work...but very few if any othewise.
  • I know quite a few people that when leaving iPhone asked me what android was best suited to them . I recommended the Nexus devices that were current then . They haven't looked back . Even my gf uses a pixel device. I use a P20 pro still. But my next upgrade will be a pixel . Considering my favorite BlackBerry has seemingly given up 100% this time.
  • Never saw a Pixel and work in a big hospital. Mostly Samsung,Sony and IPhones. Makes me wann t to buy a Pixel.
  • Once or twice but it's quite rare. I'll high 5 the people I do see.
  • Working the wireless center in Walmart I see one every now and then usually a customer that got it from the Verizon store but it is mostly the budget phones people have from there or of course iPhones and Samsungs ranging from old to new. Sadly Walmart doesn't even offer Pixels for sale at the present time through carriers or unlocked.
  • Working on the train I see a surprising amount of Pixel users. I've seen mostly Pixels 2s and 3s though and only one or two Pixel 4s. Still a welcome surprise when I do see them though.
  • Im a retail manager and haven't seen any. I'm also a buyer of the original pixel. Sorry to say I thought it was a rip off. I will not buy another. I went to the galaxy S7 edge, then to the LG V30. I had the V30 for 2 years and it's still going great. Made the pixel look sick. I just did a lot of research and settled on the new ZTE axon 10 pro with 12gb ram, 256 on board PLUS micro SD expansion. Great amoled screen, excellent camera, wireless charging, the very latest internals and STOCK Android. ZTE only put 2 apps on. So if you like the stock experience, pick this phone. It offers so much more bang for your buck. I got it at B&H on black Friday for 499.00. I should also mention that the battery life is phenomenal. Comes with a good set of earbuds, dongle, and clear case. I was tired of getting ripped off at carriers. I did consider the oneplus phones, but they were to big and bulky, and did not have wireless charging or SD card expansion.
  • IN D.C. here. Rarely, if ever, do I see an Android phone let alone a Pixel phone. If someone has an Android its usually a Samsung. Don't want to judge people but budgets matter and there are some good cheap Android phones out there. Most average DC people I see are Apple users. Google sucks at marketing their products. Always have.
  • I live in Central Florida and take my kids to Disney quite a bit. I see almost all iPhones there with the very occasional Samsung phone. I've never seen a Pixel there, unfortunately.
  • I've only ever seen one Pixel and that was when they had a Panda option. I might have seen a couple more that were in cases and I just didn't recognize them. For sure nobody I know has one.
  • None at all...
  • I've never seen a Pixel 4 or 4 XL in the wild and I live near Phoenix AZ. I see some Pixel 2 XL's and occasionally a Pixel 3. I wonder if sales fell off on the Pixel 4's...I don't think it's Google's best effort. Good article Android Central.
  • I never seen anyone using pixel except the guy whom I sold my pixel 3 and I'm using pixel 4
  • No. Mostly iPhones and Samsung phones which is what I'd expect. My wife's parents and her brother have one. Her brother got us all into our first smart phones around 10 years ago and went with Nexus phones at the time. Had it not been for him suggesting which phones we go with I'm guessing we'd all be using iPhones.
  • I live in the Portland area and like most other people iPhones dominate by a long shot. I don't really ever really believe the market share polls cause they really don't reflect what reality ever looks like. Since I'm always on the lookout at people's phones I've seen a ton of phones from a few different brands other than apple. But in the high school setting I've only ever seen 2 Pixel 2.
  • I think one of the reasons why you don't see many people using Pixels smartphones are because they don't give loyal Pixel smartphones users much money to upgrade their old smartphones.....I wanted to upgrade but didn't want to give them my old Pixel smartphone for peanuts.......Sorry Pixel, you had your chance to keep me but lost me to Apple because of your stupidity of not giving any money to loyal individuals to upgrade their old Pixel smartphones.
  • No, I don't but then again I'm not part of the phone fashion police. I have my Pixel 4 XL and that is pretty much all I need to know.
  • I see them all the time. The pixel 3a and 3a xl are the most popular in my area. But staying to see a lot of the pixel 4. But no where near as many as iPhone and Galaxy phone.
  • It's all iPhones in Chicagoland. I recently went into the ATT store and spoke to saleswoman. She says they only sell iPhones and the Samsungs NEVER sell. The same Pixel 4 on display as the day they got it with zero sales. My pixel 2 XL battery is crap now and I can't bring myself to spend the money on the underpowered pixel 4 with poor battery life and no fingerprint scanner. I'm thinking Samsung lite if it ever comes out.
  • I've never seen any Pixel in the wild. Closest thing was a 6P and a buddy who had a Nexus 6. I'd say I see 40% iPhones, 38% Samsung, with most of the rest being LG and Moto, with an occasional HTC or Alcatel. The Alcatels I've helped people out with problems on, and they are garbage. The few HTCs I've seen in the wild are split between budget and flagship phones, but they seem happy with them. I see one lady with a U11 quite a bit, and she usually grins when she takes it out.
  • I have only known one other person to have a pixel phone , I like my pixel 2 most days. like that its all google without all the extra fluff, i had samsung notes before , you have there photo galley then you have google photos, samsung messages and google messages etc. this way it's just one of each. Good stuff right there
  • I mostly see iPhones (my wife and kids) and Samsung (the rest of my family). But, I'm typically not drawn to advertised products and usually buy the opposite of what's being marketed. That said, it seems to me that Google doesn't advertise any Pixel as well as Samsung or Apple with iPhones. Those companies sell an image (you want to be seen with an iPhone! It's a fashion statement. Also, it's always seemed that Pixels and Chromebooks are a Google afterthought. That's not their main product line. They have a search engine and AI work that's really their bread and butter.
  • I know about 12-15 people with one and I see them pretty often around Indianapolis in the wild. Even if I'm in a non-techy group, friends and family usually want me to take the picture because I have a Pixel.
  • I have Panda 2XL. I think that everyone would agree that it is a very destinctive phone. One of my coworkers had a Panda, a Pixel 3XL, and now a 4XL.
    A friend had a Pixel 3XL, and now a 4XL.
    My daughter-in-law had an original Pixel and now has a Pixel 3. Those are the only Pixel phones I have ever seen out in public. I have yet to see another Panda out in public.
  • I was at a birthday party last weekend and was using my 3a XL naked. Everyone was asking what phone is that. Out of 20 people they had their iPhones & Sammy's, not one pixal. I couldn't believe not one. Some told me they never heard of the pixal's. One asked me if it had anything to do with the pixal density on the display, I said yikes? Let's face when it comes to advertising Google ain't the greatest. One did ask is that a glass back, I said no polycarbonate, he said ceramic, I said no plastic? Now I know why I like staying home??
  • I live in Japan and see Pixel phones all the time. Android phones and iPhones are nearly just as popular as each other it seems. But most Android users are not Pixel users in Japan. However, I always see at least one or two other people using a Pixel when I ride the train.
    Also, in my girlfriend's family, there are three Pixel 3 users, her mom, dad and brother. I am a Pixel 3 owner myslef.