Do you regularly use a VPN?

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Digital security/privacy is becoming an increasingly important topic of discussion. As we spend more and more of our time online and share more of our personal data with various companies, it's up to everyone to be smart about how they go about these things.

One of the many things you can do to protect yourself is using a VPN. You probably see ads for services like NordVPN and Private Internet Access all the time on YouTube, and while many of us are aware of these things, how many of us actually use them?

An AC forum member recently popped this very question, asking how many of our other members use a VPN/antivirus software.

VPN... I mainly use it when watching NFL ticket on IPTV on my phone :p. When I am at work and if I were to use our WiFi, we're block a lot of things and we also log everything so it helps there. But I do use it when I am traveling and in hotel using their WiFi or any unfamiliar WiFi I feel sketchy or not as secure, I may use it. I use SurfShark but don't have it on all the time. I mean many...


I use a VPN for work because I must. Its a good idea that helps secure communications. Personally, I've never used VPN on my TPC (truly personal computers (phones, tablets)) or PCs. Personally, I don't engage in social media outside of Tapatalk and these forums. There's no Facebook, Twitter or web browsing where privacy is an issue. If there was, I would use a VPN and anti mallard tools...


Personally I have never used either one of those and never had an issue with security. Lucky I don't know but I am sure there will come a time where everyone will need them in this world.


On Android, it's fairly hard to get malware, and requires a user action 99.9% of the time by installing nefarious software. So you are the best antivirus for your phone. If you are using a computer, I would most definitely have anti-virus on it. After following a security podcast for a bit, it's a wonder Windows and programs running on it aren't worse off with all the big threats popping up. ...


Now, we want to hear from you — Do you regularly use a VPN?

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