Do you prefer Google or Samsung apps?

If you've ever used a Samsung phone, you'll be very familiar with the company's intent to recreate just about every app/service that Google has.

Google Chrome has to compete with Samsung Internet, Samsung offers apps through the Galaxy Store even though the Play Store is a thing, Bixby is trying to take on Google Assistant, so on and so on.

While these recreations can sometimes feel unnecessary, that's not to say Samsung's apps are entirely useless. In fact, if you take a look through the AC forums, you'll find some people that actually prefer Samsung's version of things.

What keeps me on Samsung phones is that I actually prefer Samsung apps over Google apps. Almost all of them in fact. I won't go into all the details since I don't want to derail this thread with a war. It's all personal preference. And yes, Google+ is dead.


I use mainly Samsung stock apps except for Chrome and Gmail. They work well and they are tied to my Google accounts for syncing. I do use Samsung Pay over Google pay. I also use Google Photos to backup my photos and turn off the Samsung Photo backup. I use mixed devices (iPad, iPhone and a Microsoft Surface Pro) so Chrome, GDrive and Google Photos works best for that scenario. I also turn the...


Samsung Pay vs Google Pay - Samsung Pay Samsung Members vs Google + (I don't even know if this still exists) - Neither Galaxy Store vs Play Store - Google Play Store Samsung Pass vs Google's built-in Password - Both Samsung Contacts vs Google Contacts - Samsung Contacts EDIT: I use the Samsung contact/dialer but for backing up my phone numbers I use Google.


I use mostly Samsung's apps, but with Google services. Calendar & contacts are synced to my Google calendar & contacts. I use Samsung Internet with my bookmarks synced to Chrome via extension so I can view them on my Chromebook. Samsung Pass works like a champ for me. Like stated above, I use Drive for documents & Samsung cloud for a complete backup. Samsung Pay for MST. I use both Bixby &...


What about you? Do you prefer Google or Samsung apps?

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