Dell Streak may one day be coming to a hospital near you

Imagine this scenario: You are being rushed to the ER in an ambulance and everyone around you looks a like a complete blur. You finally put the pieces together, you were just hit by a car. As you're being rushed down the hallway to the ER, you take notice to a glow coming from a physician's hand. She is holding a Dell Streak. Realistically, you probably wouldn't notice it  -- but I'm trying to paint a picture here. And on that Streak, the physician can pull up your medical records: blood type, age, allergies -- the list goes on, all while sating true to HIPAA's compliances.

While that scenario might seem like something out of a TV show about a hospital, it is actually happening in today's emergency rooms. Dell Healthcare Solutions announced coming this Fall, hospitals will be able to purchase the Dell Streak to use in their facilities. Android helping to save lives -- pretty cool, eh? Full list of benefits after the break! [BusinessWire]

The Dell Streak — Benefits for Physicians and Hospitals

For the Physician

  • Light Enough to Use and Carry All Day: At 220 grams, the Streak is an extremely light mobile device.
  • Convenient: The Streak Tablet’s compact size easily fits in a medical lab coat.
  • Onboard Cameras: Onboard cameras in the front and back of the Streak let clinicians photograph and record images that can be uploaded to the patient’s EMR to chart progress over time.
  • Data & Voice: Unlike many of the existing tablets available today, the Streak supports data and voice so that medical professionals can use just one mobile device on the job.

For Hospitals

  • Open and Standards-based: The Streak is based on the open Android platform which can integrate with existing hospital systems and applications.
  • Enterprise Enabled: The Streak can be integrated into Dell’s healthcare enterprise systems and solutions. As a result, the device can become an extension of the hospital’s information sharing platform, not another siloed technology that adds cost and complexity for hospitals that already struggle with inter and intra-operability.
  • Privacy and Security: When integrated with Dell’s EMR and MCC solutions and future healthcare offerings, applications and patient data can be protected and secured in the datacenter, not on the device.
Andrew Melnizek
  • I can finally say it. The future is here.
  • This could also be integrated with the Google Health, to pull up health history of the patient.
  • Maybe this is what Dell was looking at for the Streak. Keeping is simple with Android 1.6 OS. The Dr.'s would have real-time information on the patient and not have to go looking for a terminal or computer to access patient information. Nice.
  • I could see the tablet being more fitting for Hospital use.
  • We're already doing it here in New Mexico, we have several users on various Android phones including the EVO, Droid Incredible, Droid X, and Galaxys. Oh and there are a few people on the iPhone and iPad as well. The really do perform well and can be very time saving.
  • Hmmm isn't this the start of at least one or two Sci-fi books and movies. Androids first help save lives and then destroy them... I'm just saying love my Evo but i don't want to see it take over the world.
  • This isn't new! I was in the ER a couple months ago and the customary paper chart and pen has been replaced by electronic paper. They're using a device about the side of a Kindle with full touch screen that displays the forms, test results, etc. All wirelessly throughout the hospital, Dell may not be late to the party, but certainly not the first either.
  • What if the app force closes and the patient dies? I'm just saying
  • I think the Streak is too small for this use. I think they need something more the size of the iPad. I know some companies are buying iPad's but they'll be kicking themselves when the Android tablets finally catch on. How silly that you have to jailbreak or get the manufacturers ok to run you in-house apps on a device.