Dashlane password manager works with new Android M fingerprint security

Right on time after the announcement of new security APIs in the latest version of Android, the password manager will be one of the first to integrate with the new security platform. Using both the "Fingerprint" and "Confirm credentials" APIs, you will be able to access the Dashlane app, as well as display secure information within other apps, with just your fingerprint.

The new APIs are enabled in the Android M Developer Preview, with a new version of the Dashlane app coming soon with the integration.

Press release:

Dashlane is First Password Manager to Support Google Android M Fingerprint, Offers Easy Password Access on Android

NEW YORK – Dashlane, the world's leading password manager, integrates two new APIs from Android M Developer Preview to offer users automatic login with Android.

Dashlane users can now use their fingerprint to login to all of their apps, without ever typing a password.

The new Fingerprint and Confirm Credential APIs will improve the Dashlane Android experience by allowing users to quickly authenticate and access secured data within Dashlane. The news comes as Google announces Android M Developer Preview at their annual developer conference, Google I/O. The new platform release version will allow our developers to use standardized fingerprint sensors to accelerate login functionality within Dashlane's Android app.

  • Automatic App Login With Fingerprints – Dashlane users can now log into any app with their fingerprint. Users open an app, scan their fingerprint to authenticate Dashlane, and are automatically logged in. This means immediate and secure access, without ever typing a password.
  • Dashlane Fingerprint Login – Users can unlock Dashlane using their fingerprint, which provides an easy way to access their passwords securely.
  • Secure Data Access – Once in the app they can now use their fingerprint to unlock any sensitive data that is stored in Dashlane, such as payments and personal contact information.

Emmanuel Schalit, Dashlane CEO, states:

Dashlane's integration of Android's new API shows that convenience and security don't have to be mutually exclusive. Our usage of fingerprint authentication technology gives consumers a win-win scenario; they get the speed and ease of use they desire, but don't sacrifice their security.This is a positive development for both the security and mobile industries. It also brings Dashlane yet another step closer towards becoming a universal identity solution for consumers across all of their devices. We look forward to delivering this great feature in our beautiful new Material Design Android app.

The Google integration is the latest in a string of powerful features Dashlane delivered to users in the past ten months.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.