Dashlane is giving away 3 months of Business and Premium subscriptions

Dashlane Logo
Dashlane Logo (Image credit: StackSocial)

What you need to know

  • In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Dashlane says it wants to do its part.
  • As such, the company is making the Business and Premium versions of its password manager free to new users.
  • The offer lasts for three months.

As the coronavirus continues its incessant march, and chaos grips the globe, at least one silver lining to come out of it all is seeing tech companies doing their part to help those affected by the outbreak. The latest of these is Dashlane, which is making its Premium and Business subscriptions free for all new users for the next three months.

"These are hard times. We want to do our part," reads the company's blog post. And so it's decided to make the $4.99/month Premium subscription and its $4.00/user/month equivalent for Business users free.

The offer certainly comes at an opportune time, as more people move to work from home in a bid to reduce the spread of the virus via social distancing. And as these people leave the relative safety of their org's infrastructure, bolstering their personal privacy and security is key to minimizing interruptions in their work, not to mention cyberattacks. A password manager can certainly help with that.

Other organizations that have pitched in during these trying times include Google and Microsoft, who have made their respective communications and videoconferencing tools free to help with remote work. T-Mobile, meanwhile, is giving all its users free unlimited data and has also boosted its network capacity to facilitate the greater demand for internet services right now.

Muhammad Jarir Kanji