Dash cam 2021: Five features to expect from 360 G300H

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A complete solution 360's G300H is a complete package. It comes with everything you need to set it up in your car and get it running. The camera will include a sticky film for attaching it to your windshield, a lengthy power cable and cigarette lighter adapter, and even a microSD card to go in the camera and store recordings. So, you won't need to spend anything extra on top of the $79 for the device.

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Detailed video With budget devices, you might worry that you're going to make a big sacrifice in terms of image quality. But, the G300H exceeds the specs of a lot of its budget competition. The camera sensor itself offers a 1296p resolution, which adds more fine detail than 1080p. The camera can also capture a very wide, 160-degree field of view, so if there is an incident, more of the surroundings will be caught on video. It's also capable of recording night vision in color to make the footage more useful.

Continuous recording Even though the G300H includes a fairly small 32GB memory card, it can keep on recording mile after mile without you needing to worry about it running out of space. The camera will automatically overwrite old footage once the memory card is full. This way you won't have to manage the storage yourself or worry about missing footage if the card fills up while you're in the middle of a drive.

Accidents saved automatically In the unfortunate event there's an accident, you might not remember to save the footage your camera captured, and you wouldn't want it to be overwritten by the camera. But, with the camera's built-in G-sensor, it can detect when there's been a collision then save a clip. These saved clips won't get overwritten by the seamless loop recording feature.

Simple setup for parked recording Some dash cams can record footage both when your car is running and when it's parked and off. In many cases, this latter feature requires a complicated setup with the car's battery in order to keep the camera running while the car is off. The G300H instead relies on an internal lithium ion battery to allow it to capture footage without external power. This way, if it detects movement with its G-sensor, it can turn on and record a clip – something that could be helpful if your parked car is vandalized or involved in a hit-and-run.

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360 G300H

The G300H dash cam offers a sharp, wide picture and can record whether your car is running or not.

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