Andy Rubin's full All Things D video now online

As promised, All Things Digital has posted their interview with Android's lead-man, Andy Rubin. In the video from last week's Dive Into Mobile conference, you'll see Rubin tear up the stage with some sweet Honeycomb action -- running it all on the highly anticipated, Tegra 2 Motorola tablet. And even though the Nexus S is officially coming out Thursday at your local Best Buy, here is where it was officially announced for the first time. Oh yeah, Mr. Rubin also shows off the new Google Maps update for Android. [All Things Digital via Engadget]

Andrew Melnizek
  • That woman honestly should not have been there. She is more distracting in her questions than anything. Also, she needs to keep her hands off the demo devices. You can tell he hesitates at letting her handle his junk.
  • I would never hesitate when it comes to women handling my junk.
  • Sheesh. Allot of dumb journalists want to dumb down our super smart phones. " Why isn't this more like the way the iPhone does it? Narf!"
  • lmfao...that is one priceless comment, my friend!
  • Watched this whole video on my G2 using flash.
    I kinda wish it had a kickstand right now...