CyanogenMod for OnePlus One spotted

If there's one thing that the OnePlus gang has been good at over the past few months, it's been pushing the hype for their One smartphone (the other one, not the HTC One) with mere words. They can state the specs all they want, but in the end what we really want is something we can grasp. And a pair of leaked screenshots that show how the Android-based CyanogenMod OS that will power the phone is a good start. As reported by Engadget:

This Android KitKat-based OS is dubbed "CyanogenMod 11S," and given how the lock screen on the left looks nothing like the one in the original CyanogenMod, we assume the "S" indicates that this flavor carries OnePlus' customizations. This cleaner lock screen lacks the usual unlock slider, but it still shows the clock, date, weather, battery level and text messages over a solid-color background.

Apart from that there's also a look at the About Phone page which gives us the standard three Android on-screen buttons and a build on top of Android 4.4.2. Apart from that, everything else about the supposedly thin, powerful, and affordable OnePlus One is still in the ether. OnePlus's proclamations of specs are nice, but we'll wait to see the actual device and less of the hype.

Source: Engadget