Oculus Quest and Touch ControllersSource: Android Central

What you need to know

  • Crisis VRigade is an intense action VR game that's only available through SideQuest.
  • Despite being denied for sale on the Oculus Quest store, it has still amassed over 80,000 installs.
  • Crisis VRigade is now adding a cooperative mode to have multiple people tackle its challenges.

Crisis VRigade is an interesting game, as it has quite a large following of happy fans, and seems to be a great match up for the Oculus Quest and its wire-free tracking capabilities. However, as reported by UploadVR, the title has been rejected from the Facebook Oculus Store twice now, meaning it has had to resort to other means.

The game is available through SideQuest, which allows Quest owners to sideload games onto their headsets that wouldn't be available through normal means. Using this method, Crisis VRigade has become the most-downloaded game for SideQuest, with over 80,000 downloads accrued. In light of this success, the team behind Crisis VRigade is rolling out a new co-op mode that supports cross-play between the Quest, PC VR, and possibly Sony's PSVR in the future.

The update comes with a new Itchio page that lets you pay what you want for the game, since it's available for free through SideQuest. It's unclear why the game isn't in the Oculus Store, but even without that the game seems to be a lot of chaotic fun, especially with friends. The full report for the new update comes from UploadVR.

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