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Did you know that COVID-19 was a manufactured bioweapon and somehow 5G telecom networks can transmit it? Of course you didn't, because that's absolutely stupid and not true on any level. But that won't stop some people from spreading it around.

Some crazy things are harmless. You might get a spam email from your mom about it and have to explain to her that no matter how many times she shares something a millionaire isn't going to donate money to some already-worthy cause. Others are less harmless and can get people a little too excited, like the idea that Obama is somehow going to take away all your guns. And some are just stupid, like the whole 5G causes brain damage or coronavirus.

Disney never gives away free money, out-of-work politicians aren't going to steal your guns, and 5G doesn't cause coronavirus.

I don't care about the first group. If my mom wants to believe that sharing a Facebook post gets sick children free money from Disney, nothing or no person gets hurt. The second is not a cause I care to get involved in because time travel does not exist so Obama and Hillary can't take anything from anyone. I'm able to laugh at it and move on. When it comes to 5G, though, I have to read and digest this crap as part of my job and I'm tired of it.

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According to experts in the scientific and medical community, as well as the World Health Organization, 5G isn't going to be a serious threat to our health.

Now accredited scientists and researchers at both Cornell and the WHO could be wrong. But the chances of them being so wrong and random idiots with no studies or proof to back their claims on Facebook or Twitter being right are slim to none. Scientists cured polio and discovered how pasteurization killed nasty things in our foods. Random idiots on social media thought it was a good idea to storm Area 51. You decide which holds more weight.

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The idea that 5G is harmful has gained even more traction because a new subset of idiot says it causes coronavirus. I don't know how they explain the relationship because I'm not going to read past a headline on that tripe, but I do know that almost every single 5G conspiracy theory stems from one source: RT America.

No, I'm not going to start blaming Russia for everything wrong with America right now. I hate stupid one-sided political discourse as much as I hate stupid 5G conspiracy theories. I am just stating what the evidence shows — even while Russia is building out a large 5G network, the Americas division of its state news agency is trying to get us to believe 5G will kill all humans. And people are buying into it.

I don't think uninformed people are stupid. They are being used by people parroting stupid ideas because they get bombarded with propaganda.

I don't blame the people who hear things, get worried, and tell others because they care. Those folks are not stupid, just uninformed. I'm uninformed about making lasagna or knitting a blanket and don't think this makes me stupid. I also refuse to believe that certain people with a platform are spreading this disinformation because they are stupid; they have a clear agenda of some sort and are repeating scripted lunacy disguised as truth using discredited "experts" to back them up.

I'm saying the theories themselves are stupid. Really stupid. And you're not stupid. That means you shouldn't believe some celebrity or influencer that tells you 5G will kill us all, nor should you believe me when I tell you it's no more harmful than the cell networks we have been using for years. Or less harmful according to real experts who have done real testing.

Just remember that a disease like COVID-19 doesn't care what you think about it and will infect you even if you stay away from 5G towers. Be smart and be safe.