Cool off your home screen with a dip in these ocean wallpapers

It's that time of year when the moment you leave the comfort and chill of your air conditioning you immediately start to sweat, if not flat-out melt. As a Texan, summer is the time of year that we all wonder what in blazes possessed our ancestors to settle in a state that sees such heat. It's the beginning of August, meaning the delicious peaches of June are all gone and there's no real escaping the heat. We'll take any and every chance we can to cool down, and while these cool, oceanic wallpapers may not physically cool us off, they'll help us think cool thoughts.

Let's dive in.

Ocean Gem

The ocean is beautiful, beckoning, and deceptive. Beneath the steady, stoic waves lies a ruthless power and immense depth. Which makes it all the more fitting for the 'Ocean Gem' Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe. Lapis is a stoic character, but when her emotions break the surface they are powerful, and they're matched by a remarkably immense power. Lapis once stole the whole ocean to try and build a tower to space, and that was with her gem cracked. Lapis can also be an incredibly gentle gem, and I can just imagine her hanging out with all the ocean's creatures and savoring their silent, steadfast company.

Whalessss by wispywaffle


You've all seen Trey Ratcliff's works on your Chromecast before, and this summer he's taken some beautiful shots during some jet-setting vacations around the world. This beach at Okinawa is something I may never reach myself, but as a wallpaper, I can just imagine running into the spray and soaking up the sun and the surf.

Repeat after me: I need a vacation... I need a vacation...

Okinawa Beach by Trey Ratcliff

Fantasy ocean

The ocean's currents are cool, bubbly, and the perfect reprieve from the summer heat. Image diving into these fantastical currents and just drifting along their cool, cooling waves. Let your troubles float away and let the ocean calm and comfort you. Find peace and relaxation each time you turn on your phone with this calming ocean wallpaper.

Fantasy Ocean Water Stock by CatStock

Sunset is magical

There's something magical about a sunset anywhere you are, but that magic intensifies when that sunset happens by the ocean. Maybe it's the way the light plays upon the waves, maybe it's the rainbow of radiant colors splayed across the sea and sky, or maybe it's the majestic beauty of day giving way to night. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can have the magic of the sunset on your home screen with this radiant wallpaper.

Sunset nature 35 by bouzid27

Life is the bubbles!

"We've got no troubles, life is the bubbles under the sea!"

Summer heat and exhaustion can make all of our problems seem bigger and more unmanageable, but by learning to let go and celebrate the good in your life, you can learn to stop dreaming of greener grass. Life is the bubbles, after all, and by learning to look on the brighter and bubblier side of life you can keep up your energy and keep the fun in your life. A wallpaper can serve as a friendly reminder to embrace the beauty in your life.

Or it can help get the song stuck in your head again. And again. And again.

Life is the Bubbles by Disney Family{.cta .large}

Ara Wagoner

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