Consumers flock to VPNs as governments consider TikTok bans

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With governments right around the world implementing tougher cybersecurity and digital privacy laws, there's been a huge increase in the number of people using the best VPN (Virtual Private Network) services.

That's according to new data from British Virgin Islands-based provider ExpressVPN, which claims to have seen its user base grow rapidly "as Donald Trump and other world leaders discuss potential TikTok bans."

Huge increase

As governments clamp down on Chinese technology companies like TikTok over privacy fears, ExpressVPN explains that "users are on the hunt for workarounds to still access the social media app."

Harold Li, vice president of ExpressVPN, said:

"We are seeing an increasing number of governments around the world attempting to control the information their citizens can access. For this reason, VPNs are used to access blocked sites and services by many worldwide."

The popular VPN provider has released new data showing increased interest in these services from privacy-conscious users. When the US Government unveiled its intentions to potentially ban TikTok on August 1st, ExpressVPN saw a 10% growth in traffic to its website.

Global interest

But America isn't the only country that has threatened to block access to the video sharing platform. Other countries that are debating such plans and whose citizens are increasingly turning to VPNs include Japan (19% traffic increase), Australia (41% traffic increase), Hong Kong (10% traffic increase) and India (22% traffic increase).

Li added:

"In the case of TikTok in the US, we don't know how a potential ban may be enforced yet, and it may require users to jump through other hoops on top of using a VPN, such as removing their local SIM card. Our team continues to track the situation closely so that ExpressVPN users can continue to protect their digital rights and access the free and open internet."

We have rounded up all the best TikTok VPN options that you should consider right now, and the list is unsurprisingly led by ExpressVPN.

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Nicholas Fearn