Comscore: Modest growth for Android and iOS in June, Samsung still top manufacturer

Analytics firm Comscore has just released its latest stats covering the U.S. smartphone market for the quarter ending in June 2012. Overall, the picture hasn't changed much since they released their last set of numbers. Samsung is still the largest smartphone manufacturer by market share, and Android still lays claim to a bigger chunk of the market than any other OS.

Apple's share of mobile subscribers grew 1.4 percent at the expense of all Android OEMs but HTC, which grew by 0.4 percent compared to the previous stats. In terms of OS share, Android continues to advance beyond half of the U.S. smartphone market, with a 51.6 percent share compared to 51 percent last time. Apple's growth was a little more aggressive, going from 30.7 percent to 32.4 percent. Lower down the table, RIM, Microsoft and Nokia's Symbian OS continue to slowly bleed market share to the big players.

We'll be interested to see how the numbers pan out for July, as we'd expect a fairly sizeable bump for Samsung and Android on account of the U.S. Galaxy S3 launch.

Source: Comscore

Alex Dobie
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  • Samsung Galaxy S3 is the BEST SMARTPHONE ON THE MARKET PERIOD. Iphone 5 launch September 12th means nothing in this space.
  • I'm an Android fan (though frustrated sometimes) and doubt this. The biggest thing most iPhone users have been clamouring for is a bigger screen. When this comes, it'll take away a huge distinguishing factor for Android. I'm buying Apple stock because I think this phone will sell. Even though I use Android.
  • Do I detect a slight pause in the Android growth rate here? Without a new phone a long time, and a lot of people holding off buying Apple until iPhone 5, it seems there is a resurgence of iPhone sales caused by nothing at all. When numbers that include both the general availability of the HTC One line and the GSIII show up I would expect to see some further growth in Android, but top-end phones generally don't make really big numbers.
  • "caused by nothing at all." Maybe it is caused by the wide release of the iPhone on all major carriers this year AND many smaller regional carriers in May and June. I hardly consider that nothing at all. Prior to the first part of the year you had to be an AT&T customer to own one. The fact that iOS didn't explode and overtake Android in Q2 was a shock to many, including Apple. Their modest single digit growth is a loud and clear sign that Android will be on top for the foreseeable future.
  • Android will be on top, no doubt. But remember Apple was competing with a two year old design. Two years old, even if available on multiple carriers is still two year old hardware with an even more outdated software. Will this hold true for iPhone 5, released simultaneously on all those carriers? Hard to say. On sales numbers alone, iPhone 5 will be huge as all the fanboys rush in to replace their phones, ignoring the ETF, as they always do. The market has already baked in this surge. On sheer sales numbers, Apple will not regain market share to anything near 50%. And if iPhone 5 is a bust (or even if its just a so-so improvement) they slip to 25% by this time next year. Still looking a LAST YEAR's Comscore Android Growth Rate (5.4% for the quarter) you can't deny that the rate of growth of android has slowed (.6%). Indeed, if this keeps up for one more quarter you could actually see overall Android growth rate turn negative. I'm not the only one that noticed this.
  • Top end phones don't generally make big numbers??? What are you smoking?
  • As a percentage of sales, top end phones are far from the top. Walk into any carrier store and ask them. People can't afford to buy every family member a GSIII. Don't take what you read here on AC (or any phone enthusiast site) as any indication of the general market place. Ma and Pa Polyester don't buy top of the line phones.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 is the BEST SMARTPHONE ON THE MARKET PERIOD. Iphone 5 launch September 12th means nothing in this space.
  • Except S-Voice.... compared to Siri... well you cant even compare it.... S-Voice is straight garbage... I have the SGS3 myself and I happened to have to disable it and put Vlingo in its place. Everything else yes..... Galaxy over Iphone 24/7. But that is only my pet peeve with the Galaxy. Oh, i forgot.... the headphones that comes with the set hasnt been working very well either. So having said that... if the Iphone 5 has a major UI redesign and the screen size reaches the 4.5-4.8 "... I really think it will blow the competition... but again Im staying the the SGS3... I was an Iphone user since the 3gs... I had the 4 and the 4S and yes I got really bored.. it was time for a change.
  • Siri isn't very good. Most users abandon it except for demonstrating jokes and smartass remarks that Siri makes.
  • Good luck comparing Siri to Google Now. Siri epically fails compared to Google Now. And I HIGHLY doubt a 4.5 inch screen considering that Apple has been using a 3.5 inch for the past 5 years, HECK, I would be surprised for a 4 inch screen!
  • But if I'm not mistaken, S-Voice is not Google Now. So he's right. Siri is better than S-Voice.
  • What is more interesting is the fact that Microsoft, RIM, and Nokia are even considered "players" in the smartphone space as their market share continues to slide. Those three need to find completely different business models, since Android and Apple have the consumer smartphone space cinched up tight thanks to critical mass and a wave of multi-vendor support (for hardware on the Android side, software on the Apple side). No amount of fancy GUIs are going to save them now, they need to find a totally different approach or get on the two party bandwagon.
  • One thing is for sure predictions like this and this are no where near becoming a reality. What were these guys smoking?
  • its possible thay they will take 20% the question is from which os it will take more..
  • Wait, at least half of that prediction has a chance of becoming true. "Android growth to end in 2012". We are down to .6% growth from 5.4% growth this time last year. Two more quarters to go. We could easily see Android growth disappear by year's end, whether or not WinMo ever amounts to anything. Still waiting to see figures that include the newly released Android models from all the top players....
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