Com 1 Indiegogo campaign pulled after rights complaint from Google

Com, the company behind the Com 1 Indiegogo campaign for a new Android Wear device, says that their campaign has been pulled following a rights infringment complaint by Google. The complaint letter says that the Com 1 campaign used Google's intellectual property in their campaign without authorization.

Com has apologized to their backers, and says that as a sign of good faith, they have begun processing refunds. The company also says that they have a backup plan, though they haven't been public about what it entails. The Com1 Android Wear device was set to be a square watch made of aluminum or stainless steel, depending on customer preference. It would have interchangeable bands. The device also had a water resistance rating of IP67.

Were you looking forward to the Com 1 watch, and how do you feel now that the campaign has been suspended? Sound off in the comments.

Source: Com on Twitter