Catch up on what's trending with the new Moments tab on Twitter

Twitter is adding a new feature for its Android users today in the U.S. called Moments. The idea behind it is to help users find tweets centered on a specific subject or event and collect them in a tab.

Twitter says:

Tapping on the new lightning bolt tab on your phone opens a list of Moments that matter now. As new stories emerge throughout the day, we continue to update this list. Looking for more? You can also swipe through to topics including "Entertainment" and "Sports" to find more stories from the past few days.

Twitter adds that each Moments tab is constantly updated with new posts or information:

You'll know a story has been updated since your last view when you see a blue dot in the upper righthand corner of the image associated with the Moment. For stories that update very frequently — like live sporting events or awards shows where it's critical to know what's happening minute by minute — you'll see an option to follow the Moment, which blends the Tweets directly into your timeline. So you can keep track of the latest updates in real time without having to tap back and forth between tabs. When that story ends, so do the Tweets, leaving your timeline just as it was before.

Twitter is curating most of the Moments tabs, with some created by third-parties like Buzzfeed, Entertainment Weekly, Fox News, NASA, New York Times, the Washington Post and more. Twitter hopes to open up access to Moments for more partners in the future. While the feature is being introduced in the U.S. first, a Moment tab can be shared with any Twitter user.

Source: Twitter

John Callaham