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Can't stop, won't stop -- Android crushes Symbian numbers

Another analyst group is reporting new record numbers for Android today. Canalys has released showing Android in the fourth quarter of 2010 shipped 33.3 million devices worldwide. That's a HUGE difference from Q4 2009, in which Android shipped a mere 4.7 million units. The real crux of it all is that Symbian is starting to trail behind in numbers. Once the leader in smartphones around the globe, Symbian shipped 31 million units in Q4 2010. Granted, 31 million is still a very large number for Nokia, but when Google is showing this much growth from last year -- 615.1% to be exact. [Canalys via Engadget]

  • resistance is futile! :)
  • I feel as if there is a montage being made at Google head quarters like everything is great in the rich life of software devs. Like news pages fly by the screen ANDROID SURPASSES SYMBIAN OS they are just like having a great time hitting up casinos and partying it up... maybe Eric Schmidt is no longer because the gang decided his heroine addiction was going to end it all? Lol I have been watching too much Netflix... or not enough Netflix... I think I might need it on Android! This is great news still
  • ;)
  • Crush? Really? Perhaps in the near future, yes, but besting a competitor by 2% hardly seems worthy of that wording. That said, I'm glad to see Android's numbers making some great gains in the marketplace.
  • You're supposed to focus on the growth column. 585% more growth is worthy of a word like crush.
  • If you look at the momentum you'll see it's crushing everyone else easily. The next few quarters will see an onslaugh.
  • Heh... ANDROID RULES. Even AT&T had to get with the program and finally8 add some decent Android phones. Now it's time for Sprint to get some hot new Android models in.
  • Incidentally, that works out to about 360,000 devices shipped per day for Q4.
  • How cone iOS still gets apps first, then?
  • Android Fragmentation is the reason why .. Apple = 1 Phone .. 1 OS .. 1 App design.
  • I disagree. Developers will go where the money is, regardless of fragmentation (or any other challenge). Just look at software availability for Windows vs Macintosh (I'm not arguing quality - simply quantity). Apple had a serious head start and has proven to be a reasonably lucrative platform for developers (some WAY more than others). The last statistics I saw showed people spending more money in the Apple app store than any other. You want developers to build for Android first? Start spending some money and showing them Android can help pay the bills better than Apple.
  • is this any real surprise? Can you get a non android, WM7, BB or iPhone from the major carriers? iPhone technically only has 1 selling model (which you can get in differnet storage sizes), ok, I guess you could say 2 and count in the 3GS still being offered. BB has i beleive 2 different models for each carrier?? Not even going to talk about WindowsMobile :) But Android on the other hand, you have 6-8 vendors making 5-6 differnt models. you have 3.2", 4" 4.3" and 5" sreens. 600mhz, 800mhz, 1ghz, 1.2ghz or dual core processors. naturally, with this many models from HTC, samsung, sony, Motorola, LG, Dell, acer and anyone I left out. As much as they want to make the numbers impressive, really they are not considering the number of vendors and number of models from each vendor that is on the market. If anyone can make sense of this post. kudos, because I don't? :)
  • What?? You summed it up nicely but then can't understand the post? The point is, Android is taking over.
  • Just trying to be comical
  • Oh, my bad...
  • Rene Richie? Is that you?
  • Except all those competing companies have had out phones for years before we saw the first Android phone. It's impressive they have had a such a successful formula. Any of these other companies could have come out with multiple devices for each carrier, but they didn't. It's like discrediting a football team for scoring more points.... because they have better players.
  • Good Point and this speaks volumes about Android itself as the main ingredient for that successful formula. Also, let's be honest, IOS has always been and still is the Press's darling OS, a Press who never really saw Android in a positive light. And despite all the free advertising (and free passes) Apple get everywhere, Android still beat the odds and triumphed. It's a feat that's more than worthy of attention IMO.
  • Agree 100%. Day after day the Apple fanboys put down Android for whatever small reasons they can dig up. Yet Android continues to gain month after month. They're really starting to have to scrape the bottom of the barrel finding ways to put down Android.
  • Join us, Nokia. {{-_-}}
  • Don't be surprised if your posting turns out to be prophetic. There are a lot of hints in the industry that Nokia is fixing to do just exactly as you say.
  • Can't say this comes as a big surprise given how outdated and hard to use Symbian can be use. It just took a credible alternative to knock it off the king of the mountain.