Canada's Fido prices LG G5 at $300 on-contract, $800 outright

Canadian customers looking to pick up the LG G5 on Fido now have a price to put on the smartphone. The Canadian carrier is offering the G5 at $300 on-contract with the company's Max plan, while going sans contract will cost $800. In between, Fido is offering the phone for $400 or $550 with its Smart and Standard plans on a two-year contract, respectively. Parent company Rogers has also priced the device at $299.99 on-contract and $799.99 outright.

While this pricing is for Fido customers, it is indicative of what we can expect from other Canadian carriers as pricing is announced. As for when that will be, the LG G5 has been confirmed to be headed to Canada starting April 8, so we should hear more soon.



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