Can I remove ads in Brain Wash?

Brain Wash level cookie
Brain Wash level cookie (Image credit: Aaron Kasten / Android Central)

Best answer: Yes! You can remove ads in Brain Wash - Amazing Jigsaw Puzzle Game, but you have to disable data. You can do this simply by turning off your data or by putting your phone in Airplane mode. Unfortunately, with data disabled, you won't be able to use the hint option or skip levels if you find a particularly challenging level. However, most of the puzzles are very easy to beat, so if you are breezing through the levels, this won't be a problem for you. Alternatively, you could purchase an ad-free brain game.

The 2020 Brain Wash we could all use

It's 2020, the year that will never end. Thankfully, games exist and we could all use a quick few minutes of simple enjoyment from time to time, that is if you can get past the ads. Brain Wash is a brain teaser puzzle game from SayGames with levels that usually take less than a minute to complete. These instant gratification simple swipe action puzzles might be the perfect way to get some relief. The app is straightforward to use, and as of level 50, every puzzle is easy to solve. The majority of puzzles require players to swipe around the screen to either reveal something hidden, draw a line, or line things up in a specific way.

There isn't much in the way of settings either; the only option you'll find is "disable vibration." If you are having trouble, each puzzle offers a hint by tapping the light bulb in the top right corner and then watching an ad. After you use the hint, you have the option to skip the level after watching another ad.

Many of the puzzles are funny, with some odd humor and adult jokes mixed in, but the game isn't appropriate for children due to adult content or "crude humor." I was also a bit uncomfortable seeing several puzzles and the app description with references saying, "I'm watching you." While Brain Wash is fun and provides some nice instant gratification, it does suffer from an insufferable amount of ads. But don't worry! If you want to enjoy the game without the interruptions, we have a quick fix for that.

Dealing with ads

Brain Wash First Level Lifestayle Image

Source: Aaron Kasten / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Aaron Kasten / Android Central)

Brain Wash can be fun, but the ad frequency can really put a damper on things. At times, you will get an ad after every level. Since so many levels are easy, you might spend more time viewing ads than solving puzzles. Unfortunately, there is no purchase option for this free-to-play game. However, there is another way to get around this problem.

The quickest and easiest way to stop ads in Brain Wash is to disable your data or turn on airplane mode. If you are only going to play for a short time or won't need data for a bit, this might be an excellent solution for you. Keep in mind; you can't receive calls or messages while airplane mode is turned on. As far as gameplay is concerned, an internet connection is required to use a hint or skip a level. Since most levels are pretty simple, that shouldn't be a problem. Of course, if you do find yourself struggling, you can always turn your data back on. So, if you are a fan of Brain Wash and you don't mind switching off the world for a while, this a simple solution.

If all else fails, you can find a puzzle game without the annoying ads.

Aaron Kasten