The Calendar Arc Watch Faces brings style and calendar integration to Android Wear

When it comes to Watch Faces for Android Wear there are plenty of options to choose from. What can be difficult is finding the right balance when it comes to giving you the information you want at a glance, and having a easy to read simplistic design. The Calendar Arc Watch Face is designed to quickly help you answer whether you've got something going on later today, thanks to a slick and simple UI.

The Calendar Arc Watch Face goes for a simple design, which can easily be enhanced through the customization options. The default face lacks numbers, and just has an hour, minute, and second hand in a black on white design. It could be any watch face. The real meat of this face is found in it's options, which are available through your phone.

Calendar Arc Watch Face screenshot

One of the best features here is the ability to sync up with your calendar. You can select multiple calendars to sync up with your Smartwatch, helping to make sure you never forget an appointment due to a hectic day. Once you've synced up your calendar, any upcoming events will show up on the watch face in the form of blurs of color along the edge of your screen. It arcs over the watch, during the time of day that the event is occurring. It's a slick way to help you see not only that you have something on your schedule, but when it occurs during the day. To check on events, you can tap the screen and see what is scheduled for your day.

There are also three categories for your watch face settings; Visual options, Date settings, and Gauges. Most of the settings for the Calendar Arc Watch Face are a toggle on/off choice which makes them easy to adjust. In visual options you'll find options for the animation of the watch hands, a light or dark theme, and the option to show event names on the face. Date settings nets you the options to display weekday, day of the month, month, and year. The Gauges allow you to display the battery gauges for your smartphone and smartwatch.

Calendar Arc Watch Face options

The Calendar Arc Watch Face delivers an awesome at-a-glance experience. It's got tons of customization options, a great design and interface, and the fantastic integration with your calendar could be a huge deal for a lot of people. If you've been looking for something simple, but still stocked with options then this may be the watch face to check out. It's available now on The Google Play Store for $1.33 and certainly worth every penny.

Jen Karner

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