A British woman credits a Huawei phone for saving her life

Huawei Y6
Huawei Y6 (Image credit: Huawei)

What you need to know

  • Beth McDermott of Lancaster said she was alive only because of her Huawei phone.
  • The 42-year-old fell from the stairs and was knocked out.
  • Thankfully, she was able to contact emergency services when she woke up because her phone's battery lasted the whole time.

Having a solid battery life on your smartphone isn't just a luxury. As a 42-year-old from Lancaster recently found out, it can also be a lifesaver — literally.

As The Sun reports, Beth recently had an accident at home. She fell down the stairs and hit her head, knocking her out for three whole days. When she came to, she couldn't move her legs.

Making her condition even more precarious was a pre-existing condition called rhabdomyolysis, which causes skeletal muscles to quickly break down and release myoglobin. Left for too long, the myoglobin can cause long-term kidney failure.

Beth Mcdermott Huawei Y

Source: David Nelson / Triangle News (Image credit: Source: David Nelson / Triangle News)

And just when all hope was lost, Beth found an unlikely savior: her Huawei Y6, which she had bought just days earlier to replace her ailing iPhone 6, whose battery was in its last stages and required a charge four times every day.

"It was the most horrible experience of my life. I can't believe I'm still alive — I wouldn't be if it weren't for that phone," she said of the Huawei device. "I wasn't expecting it to work at all but it still had 50 per cent battery life. I couldn't believe it had lasted so long."

Huawei people, if you're reading this, bravo! Though, how about sending Beth a phone with an even bigger battery — say, the P30 Pro? Just to help avoid any future mishaps, you know? 😉

Muhammad Jarir Kanji
  • Nice to see an article about Hauwie that is positive! 👍
  • Huawei to the rescue = 💰💰💰💰💰 This message was brought to you by the Central Communist Party of China and it's Dear Leader Xi "Winnie The Pooh" Jingping...
  • Seems like it. Huawei have paid people to write fake reviews about their phones - not unreasonable to hear if this story was planted.
  • Haaa. Literally EVERY company does this. When it's a Chinese company doing it though people pretend to be shocked
  • No one (in their right mind that is) cares about the fact that it's a Chinese company. This sucks regardless of who is doing it. Whether it's Huawei, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft or Google, it's not OK. So just because "everybody is doing it", doesn't excuse the fact that Huawei is doing it. Don't piss in your customers' ears and tell them it's raining! Wait... that last part didn't sound right...sigh...🥴😩
  • Wow, glad that one worked out for her. Huawei Y6... with a 3020mAh battery. It's not always the size of the battery that determines standby time. The old HTC One Mini only had a 1800mAh battery, and it had a standby of 28 days.
  • Of course, nobody seems to have realised any phone will last a week if it's not actually being used.
  • All of my non HTC phones will last longer than 2 months on standby. Hopefully the NEW low range HTC phones will last a few days...
  • Sounds like a planted story by Huawei and add to that, The Sun is a horrible publication, with many tacky click-bait/misleading articles. It might been believable if they weren't pushing 'Huawei' so hard. The phone brand is irrelevant yet they push it and then make a point to bag a competing product, the iPhone, as if this is the only thing that could have saved her life. Wouldn't be surprised if this is 100% false and if not, the phone was on standby for 3 days, big deal?
  • Fake news. Well if Huawei can survive until President Biden takes office things will probably get back to normal.
  • I don't think Biden knows what or who Huawei is! He probably thinks Huawei is a dish at P.F. Chang's...🤪
  • Sounds like my kind of guy. He will almost certainly be a one termer as he is getting a little bit O L D. He should probably pick a young running mate to raise. Somebody in their late 40s.
  • LOL...😁 Maybe he can pick either Mayor Pete or Kamala Harris as a VP candidate, with cabinet roles for Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang, Amy Klobuchar and Tulsi Gabbard if in office.
  • Planted story by the chinese.. wake up people. This is not the only article on AC trying to give huawei a boost. The world needs to quit china if we want to have any semblance of freedom.
  • "pLaNtEd StOrY bY tHe ChInEsE"
  • This is just a cheap propaganda.........she was out for 3 days??? Guessing she's all alone in this world.
  • The Sun is NOT a reputable route of information and has been known to bend (or outright fabricate) the truth. In their article, they conveniently forget to mention that the person's previous phone is over half a decade old and instead compare it to a week-old phone like they're both brand new. To put things into perspective, my old Galaxy A5 from 2015 now has a standby time of about 30 minutes before needing a charge, and that's NEWER than the person's iPhone 6. While I don't doubt that this story took place, it's sad that publications like The Sun chose not to focus on the people involved, but instead tried to spin things into another fanboy war.