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Blink's new XT2 smart security camera was designed with affordability in mind

Blink Camera
Blink Camera (Image credit: Blink)

Home security solutions are continually evolving; HD cameras that cost less than a couple hundred dollars now allow us to watch live footage from anywhere in the world using our smartphones. The prices are continually dropping, too, bringing us to today's announcement of Blink Home Security's Blink XT2 Camera (opens in new tab) — a smart security camera that starts at just $89.99.

Building upon the features of last year's well-received Blink XT camera (opens in new tab), the Blink XT2 offers extended battery life that will keep it powered for two years on just two AA batteries. And just like the original model, it's designed to be 100% wire-free and weather-proof so you can use it anywhere you'd like — whether that be indoors or outdoors. The Blink XT2 records in 1080p HD and features two-way audio, giving you the ability to talk with anyone on the other side of the camera using the Blink Home Monitor app on your phone. That could mean chatting with your family or even reminding your dog to stay out of the garbage.

Unlike many other smart security cameras, the Blink XT2 requires no monthly fees and even offers free cloud storage. The XT2 also offers enhanced motion detection which is customizable to help reduce false alerts, as well as compatibility with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to view its livestream on an Echo Spot (opens in new tab), Echo Show (opens in new tab), or Fire TV (opens in new tab) by simply asking Alexa to show you the camera's livestream.

Blink strove to provide a more cost-efficient product for consumers this time around as well, and as such the XT2 camera is debuting at 25% less than the original did. For those who've never owned a Blink camera before, the Blink XT2 Camera is available for pre-order (opens in new tab) bundled with the required Blink Sync Module at Amazon for $99.99. The module allows the camera to connect to the internet, though you'll only need one at home despite how many cameras you choose to set up at home. There are even slight discounts to be had when you purchase a bundle of multiple cameras, such as the three-pack for $249.99 (opens in new tab).

Homes which already have the Blink Sync Module set up can choose to purchase a single add-on camera for $89.99 (opens in new tab). The XT2 is set to begin shipping on May 22.

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  • I had the original XT camera's around the house until recently. I found them very nice, long battery life and easy to setup and use. The cost is great when compared to others like Ring and Arlo. The only negative I have is if you live in a high traffic (foot and car) community, these may not be for you. When they get set off by movement, the limited clip only function means you miss somethings. The previous version took a small amount of time to reset after the recording and again you miss a few things. We live in a community where the houses are 8 feet apart with sidewalks 8 feet from the front door. They don't work for us. I ended up biting the bullet and replacing them with 2 Nest Outdoor Cams and a Nest Hello. My parents live in a suburb where there is more space between houses and the road is much further in front of the house. The Blink XT work great for them.