BlackBerry Priv: A second opinion

I used to be a huge fan of BlackBerry. I know I'm not alone, and that many who frequent Android Central – both writer and reader alike – have been in the same position in a bygone smartphone era. I used them in my past life at my old full time job, but I also used them as my personal phones. Once you mastered the physical keyboard there was no going back.

It's probably also why my first Android phone was the Motorola Milestone (or the Droid, as you may be more familiar.) I wanted, nay, needed the keyboard. I had a BlackBerry in my life up until the Z10, and that's where things ended. App gap aside, there was no inherent reason I disliked the operating system. I actually liked (and still do) a lot about it.

But the Z10 was a full touch BlackBerry. It lost something that I'd always been such a fan of. Suddenly BlackBerry was just another black slab in a sea of black slabs. And so I put it down a couple of years ago and didn't feel compelled to pick up another BlackBerry again. Until now.

Enter the Priv. Probably my favorite phone of 2015.

We're fortunate at Android Central that leading up to our full review we'd had a few of us able to spend some quality time with the phone. Not just briefing quality time, but actual in our hands, used as daily drivers quality time. The tl;dr is that it isn't perfect, but it's something I, personally, would buy over just about any other Android phone right about now. And it rekindled a love with a brand that always held a special place in my heart.

The Priv is probably my favorite phone of 2015.

My own impressions of the Priv became pretty apparent after my initial briefing on the phone. The first time I saw an actual real, working unit with my own eyes. What I loved about BlackBerry, without the compromises. In this case, the compromise free approach comes from running Android and having access to the power of the Google Play ecosystem.

I've made no secret in recent times of my excitement for a BlackBerry powered by Android. I also made little secret about my thoughts on the price. Whichever way you look at it, it's expensive. It's certainly not for everyone. When you command iPhone money for an Android phone you better have something to show for it (and yes, for what it's worth, I think the iPhone is too expensive.)

And BlackBerry does. When you pick up the Priv it's much easier to appreciate the price point, though I would have still preferred to see it closer to £500 than £600 in my money. It's generally solid, the double curved screen is delightful to look at, the sliding mechanism is excellent, and of course, the keyboard. It's not perfect, though, and my review unit suffers from the squishy back issue that others around the web have experienced. I actually found that squishing it hard enough popped the back cover off slightly at the side, and then all was well. Perhaps an issue on phones without the wireless charging stuff inside, but it's almost as if the back of the phone is slightly too big.

BlackBerry Priv

If I had bought this phone with my own money I would be returning it and trying again. But I think that's a reasonable thing to do if you've spent in excess of £500 on anything. That aside I'm very happy with the hardware. I've never seen the attraction to the curved edge displays, but on the Priv it's more of an aesthetic choice, rolling the display seamlessly into the frame of the slider. It could easily have been a regular, flat display. But it wouldn't look as good. Certainly wouldn't feel as good.

I appreciate the approach that BlackBerry has taken to the hardware on the Priv. Aside from a fingerprint scanner there's not a lot missing. High-end CPU – and for some, relief that the Snapdragon 808 was used and not the 810 – a QHD display, 18MP camera with OIS, 32GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot and 3GB of RAM. The Priv isn't the highest of the high-end, but it ticks the boxes I'd expect a flagship to tick.

I can live without a fingerprint scanner. I do love the convenience I've had – mainly from Huawei phones – the past 12 months from having one one the back of the phone. But it's also not yet a necessity for me. Until the UK gets Android Pay support I can happily take it or leave it. And Picture Password on the Priv is a damn good way of locking your phone. You've got a grid of numbers laid over a picture and you move the grid until a specific number hits a specific spot. You could unlock the phone in full eyesight of someone and they'd not have a clue what you were actually doing.

BlackBerry knows people like microSD cards so it was included on the Priv

BlackBerry told me during my briefing that the approach taken with the Priv was to deliver what people buying a high-end Android phone want. To beef up the spec sheet in areas that you can't ignore. They know people still appreciate having microSD card expansion, so it was included. 32GB of internal should be the absolute minimum any high-end phone has these days, and it has it.

But actually using the phone, putting that hardware to work has been a mostly pleasurable experience. The squishy back nonsense has caused more irritation than I'd have liked, but for the most part the experience is just like using a BlackBerry. Exactly what it should be. I've had to adjust my grip a little to get comfortable with the unusual form factor, but the soft touch finish on the back helps with that. It's so grippy you can just rest it on your hand and it won't slide off. One thing I would change is the position of the volume buttons. They're right where I grip the phone when the slider is closed. Fed up of pressing them by accident.

It's all about the keyboard for me, though. It's why I was so interested in the Priv to begin with. It's BlackBerry's bread and butter. And since the last time I used a BlackBerry with a keyboard all kinds of things have changed. We now get touch sensitivity built in meaning that beyond typing, the keyboard becomes a trackpad of sorts. Because the phone is so balanced when you slide out the keyboard this is a one-handed operation. Proper typing still needs two, of course, but I'm enjoying scrolling using the keyboard while reading content. Being able to perform a quick Google search by just typing on the keyboard is proving very handy, too.

I wouldn't say it's the best keyboard experience I've ever had. That still belongs to the likes of the Bold 9000 from years past. But, it's very much the experience I've looked for on Android since I first picked up that Milestone back in 2010. Using the phone in portrait, not landscape, is part of it. There are still times when typing on glass is going to be quicker, and the Priv has an excellent software keyboard for that. But for longer typing, typing while you're on a train or in the back of a car, even just while on the couch watching TV, there's a lot to be said for the physical keyboard.

You can train yourself to use it without having to look at it. I've spent a lot of time trying to perfect that on a computer so I can keep looking at the screen while typing out the thousands of words a week that are common place here. It's pretty important to me and it's taking some practice to get back into full BlackBerry flow. But the dot on the 'D' key, while slight, is a great way to help you train your fingers to feel their way around. It's a reference point, and while I'm not nearly back to the word rate I could hammer out on the Bold devices of old, I'm getting there.

BlackBerry Priv

The physical keyboard is without a doubt the defining hardware feature of the Priv. It's what makes it stand out in a sea of slabs. But without using it you've still got a really nice Android phone. BlackBerry has put some thought into the software, for example. Deciding against skinning the daylights out of it (looking at you LG, Samsung et al), and instead adding thoughtful features and a handful of its own apps and services. But what Jerry said on a recent podcast is absolutely true. You can turn off all of the BlackBerry and just have a nice, no-frills Android experience. Taking Android and adding to it thoughtfully is great. Completely reworking it and making a hash of it, less so.

I've tried to use the BlackBerry apps as part of getting to know the Priv and for the most part can take or leave them. The Notes and Tasks apps are OK, basic, but do the job as well as any other manufacturers pre-loaded apps. One nice thing about using the Tasks app is that you can swipe in and see them in the Productivity Tab. But I'm already using something else for my tasks, so I'd actually prefer to be able to plug other apps in to the Productivity Tab. I like Pop-up Widgets too. Yes, BlackBerry isn't the first to do this in software and I'm pretty sure no-one from the company ever claimed they were. But it's built in to stock software, which I appreciate.

The BlackBerry Hub will certainly divide opinions, especially among the BlackBerry faithful. It's not yet as comprehensive as its BlackBerry 10 equivalent and in my experience on the Priv, it's a little slow, a little buggy and not really worth the time to use. I do hope BlackBerry refines it some more, as I did enjoy using it in my brief time with BlackBerry 10. But swiping to delete emails shouldn't produce a laggy reaction like they do right now. And it's really annoying when you select a whole bunch of Email to delete and then suddenly the trash can icon disappears.

But, thankfully, there's the Gmail app. Which right now I'd recommend using over the Hub.

So, as a phone to get things done, as a BlackBerry, it's good. The fact that I can use it like a BlackBerry and not have to worry if I need an app for something is the icing on the cake. For all that you can say is good about BlackBerry 10, the Google Play Store makes the difference. It's finally a BlackBerry with minimal compromise.

What else is there to say? The battery life is pretty stellar. Where some have fallen foul of putting smaller batteries in while chasing a slimmer form factor, BlackBerry has stuffed a big ol' 3410mAh power pack in the back of the Priv. And it's not what you'd call fat, either. While closed it's not much thicker than a Nexus 6P, for reference. What that means in real world use is that I've been able to hack through a day with the Priv, set it down at night, forget to plug it in before bed, and still make it to at least lunchtime the next day before I remember I need to plug it in. My review unit is devoid of Qi wireless charging, but then wireless charging is also something I never got into for whatever reason. So for me, it doesn't matter so much.

It sounds almost like I've been living in the smartphone dark ages

The inclusion of Quick Charge is more important. As I'm writing these words it sounds almost like I've been living in the smartphone dark ages, but the Priv was the first phone I've had on my desk that supported Qualcomm's Quick Charge standard. And I'm 100% sold on it as more than just a gimmick or something that looks good on a spec sheet. BlackBerry phones are about getting stuff done. And when I inevitably forget to plug the phone in at night (it happens more than you'd think) to be able to get a decent charge off just a quick top-up is a comfort.

BlackBerry Priv

Finally, I want to talk a little bit about the camera. BlackBerry 10 phones had a couple of neat camera features, like the Time Shift, but the shooter on the back was never really a selling point. Never something to shout about. It was just, well, there. The Passport it seems took that up a couple of notches, but the Priv takes it even further. It's 18MP, which honestly, doesn't matter much to me, it has OIS and it has Schneider-Kreuznach on the stainless steel lens ring. The latter of those means nothing to me – though the fact the ring protrudes past the lens just enough to keep it off the surface you lay the phone on is nice – but being able to take decent pictures, particularly of my young son, does.

I wouldn't say it's exceptional. It's not challenging the other new phone on my desk right now, the Nexus 6P. Part of that is that it's just too damn slow. The camera itself is capable of taking some really nice images, as our review showed, but the stock BlackBerry Camera app is painfully slow at times. Especially when shooting with HDR. You expect some kind of delay there, but the Priv just feels horribly sluggish compared to other current phones. Hopefully this is something BlackBerry can fix with an update to the app somewhere down the line. But when you're taking pictures of a moving child and you're held back by the app on your phone, it's something of an annoyance.

To sum up, then. It's not the highest spec'd phone of the year, and it's not the absolute best on a hardware or software level. But that hasn't stopped it becoming the favorite of everything that came across my desk this year. Maybe it's the BlackBerry fan deep within me, maybe it's the fact that someone is doing something that stands out from the norm. Maybe it's both.

The combination of all the parts make this phone one that I'm likely to go out and spend my own money on. I've never made any secret of wanting the Priv to be good. Of wanting BlackBerry to do a first rate job. Thankfully, it did, and I'm sure I'm going to enjoy my own Priv long after this one has been boxed up and sent back to BlackBerry.

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Richard Devine
  • Glad to see this opinion after extended use. I've been incredibly happy with my Priv and it's been worth every penny Fast processor, killer screen, good camera, I've got 128GB or total storage, excellent virtual keyboard, good physical keyboard, exceptional battery life. Honestly what more is there?
  • My only concern with the device is updates...and that may be a non-concern, but only time will tell. I'm hoping BB gets strong again!
  • I'm with you on the updates. The optimistic side of me says that for a company that is selling people on security, surely they won't stop supporting this device. Posted via the Android Central App on the Priv.
  • When are people going to realize that timely updates are a curse and not a good thing?
  • I'd agree with that assessment if it were LP, but 6.0 is much more of a blessing than a curse
  • This. M is so much better than L that there is a reason they gave it a full version number bump. Just the battery management alone is amazing
  • Since you have the Priv and using it, you mention the camera is slow, and yes I have seen that being a common problem in all the reviews...but being Android, can't you install other camera apps? Are they slow as well? Is it a software or hardware slowness?
  • Excellent review. Completely agree 100%. It is my favorite mobile device I've ever used. Posted via my BlackBerry Priv's physical keyboard
  • 100% disagree.
    I don't know why Android Central keep promoting for BlackBerry.
    First week with my Priv, and I can frankly say it is one of the worst phone that I had.
    Very bad Camera.
    Build quality is average compared to my Z10 and Passport.
    The plastic back like the sponge when I press over it.
    Front facing camera is the worst in class.
    Mediocre headphone sound quality.
    Device warm up while using.
    The worst thing is too expensive.
    It doesn't deserve more than $450.
    Everyone can try it and see how AC don't say the truth.
    Compared to the Note 5, the Priv is junk.
  • You know what they say about opinions. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You know what they say about people who seek out posts regarding things they dislike and go out of their way to comment negatively on them in reply to someone's positive post. Isn't there a word for that? On a side note (no pun intended), couldn't be happier to ditch my 2015 Samsung for the Priv. I have owned multiple Samsung Android devices over the years and no matter how powerful the hardware gets on paper, the Samsung software always manages to choke the experience into a sluggish, jerky, anything-but-fluid experience over time. That's unacceptable after this many years in the position they are in. Posted via my BlackBerry Priv's physical keyboard
  • My experience is opposite to yours. I love my Priv! Posted via the BlackBerry Venice
  • My experience is opposite to yours. I love my Priv! No issues at all whatsoever other than it getting a bit warm during heavy use. Posted via the BlackBerry Venice
  • I was tempted to trade my note 5 for the Priv haha. Even to this day I suck at typing on a virtual keyboard. The Palm Pre was my first full html smartphone (had a BB bold before that), I miss its keyboard to this day. The Note 5 is one hell of a device though, can't hate on it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You're absolutely right. I used the Priv for 9 days and returned it. It sucked. I decided to keep my Note 5 instead. The Priv had way too many compromises.
  • I'm staring right at it but damned if I can feel that dot on the D key at all.
  • That dot is a joke lol Priv screen goes up.
  • lol thanks. I was looking for the dot on my SE I thought I was missing out on something. I love the bar on the f and j keys on the computer keyboard. it helps keeps you centered which allows you to type faster. The Passport keyboard is a little wider than I am used to but I am getting faster with my thumbs.
  • I've never owned a Blackberry phone but I'm happy to see them putting out a quality Android phone. They can't make an iOS device, so it's what they have to do to survive. Other manufacturers can take a lesson from Blackberry and Motorola; use stock Android and just add some nice, useful extras. Posted from my Nexus 6P via the Android Central App
  • +1 Posted via the Android Central App from my LG G4
  • ^This. And by adding new features do not "Samsung" the phone. Although I do like a small bit of the features on my Samsung like splitscreen, the remote, themes, being able to custom size mini windows, beep-N-go, etc -there's way more things that I'll never use on it. For every one thing I like there's 3-4 more that I don't. I'm still (almost) amazed by the fact that they have all these quick toggles and not a single one of them is a shortcut to the Wi-Fi hotspot. Matter fact I had to download a 3rd party app just to have a shortcut to it on my home screen :-/ Posted via the GS6 Active, aka GS6 M.E. (Manly Edition)
  • Got some question regarding security. I've been listening on other shows that the priv isn't really any more secure than most normal android phones. If that's the case then seeing how stock the priv is why why is marshmallows taking so long and seeing how marshmallow improves a lot of security stuff the biggest one being app permission I would have thought the priv would make perfect sense with marshmallows. Imo the nexus devices are more security proofed than the priv for the permissions alone.
    Otherwise agree it's nice to see old form factor ie slider return in this market of slabs. For a 1st device it's great. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The Priv is BlackBerry's first android device and their first slider since the legacy o.s days, it is very different to anything else they have produced. No doubt there will be bugs, there always is when you do something new and in this case 'unique'. Releasing the priv with android 5.1.1 makes sense. The 1st update is extremely important and if they released it with the latest version of android it would delay the speed of their 1st and most important update. One thing I must say is that my BlackBerry 10 devices have been getting better with each update and i'm still using a q10 as a daily driver. That phone must be getting close to 3 years old now and it still flies, battery life and speed improves with each update, BlackBerry's updates are good, can't say the same for ios or android, it's as if they're fleecing you to by a new phone every time the release an update. Have the passport so I can vouch for that also. They needed to go into damage control during the playbook period so I believe that is the only exception.
  • I'm not disappointed that it got released with 5.1.1 as I understand they needed to get it out the door. I'm disappointed by the rather slow update to M that seems to be happening. According to them don't expect it for a few more months. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Wonder what will arrive in Australia 1st. The marshmallow update, or the official release of the priv. The year is almost over. Won't be long until we see marshmallow.
  • I think the one thing that some (most?) reviews have failed to point out when talking about security in their Priv reviews is that BB looks have gone above and beyond other manufacturers with regards to security. DTEK is obviously one component, but by the sounds of it they've done quite a bit of work on the hardware as well. Now, I'm by no means an expert and below is straight from the BB site, but they have (copy and paste)...
    - a unique manufacturing process that injects cryptographic keys into the device hardware, providing a secure foundation for the entire platform.
    - used embedded keys to verify every layer of the device from hardware to OS to applications in order to make sure they haven’t been tampered with.
    - a hardened Linux kernel with numerous patches and configuration changes to improve security.
    - FIPS 140-2 compliant full disk encryption on by default to protect your privacy.
    - the BlackBerry Infrastructure, a secure distributed global network that transmits petabytes of encrypted data to and from the world’s most powerful leaders and professionals.
    I would imagine applying all that takes some time to do for each version of android, hence reason they're on Lollipop. I think.
  • BlackBerry uses grsecurity patches on the Linux kernel. Google grsecurity and you'll see why they need time release Marshmallow. Most Android phones use less secure Linux kernels under the hood. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's got a hardened Linux kernel
  • I still haven't jumped on and bought the Priv, although it is probably one that intrigues me the most. I wore out the paint on my 8830WE keyboard, and even got used to the slightly smaller 9700 keyboard when I moved up to that one. Boy could I type on those things. I found I was much slower typing on the Z10, although I did like its virtual keyboard. Other Android devices won me away from BlackBerry with the app selection and swiping keyboards. Right now, the important factor is the camera, which is why I went with the G4. Still, the Priv keyboard interests me. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Thanks for the review Richard! I was never a Blackberry user, but I certainly wished well for the company. So I'm also very glad to see that this thing turned out so nice! I'm not in the market for a 3rd party Android phone right now. I want to get a Nexus 6p with my tax return and then use it alongside my iPhone6+, while I wait for a chance as a Verizon user to jump in on the latest of Windows 10 Mobile (then give all three "joint custody" of my SIM card).... ....but if I were in the market for a 3rd party, there's very little question I'd spring for the Priv!! I mean, the only other contender that's even on my radar would be the Robin, and that's a REAL stretch! My only concern is that this Blackberry on Android thing will rob Blackberry of its unique identity, possibly even shuttering its proprietary operations and just leaving it lobbed in with the Samsungs and LGs of the world in the fight for 3rd party Android dominance. And that's why I've said that I'm afraid [for Blackberry's sake] that Blackberry partnering with Android would be like partnering with The Borg. It just seems way too risky in an "All your base are belong to us" sorta way. However, I will say that preliminary reaction doesn't seem to be adding too much fuel to those concerns. And if this is what makes the difference for BB between sinking and swimming than maybe "Locutius of DroidBerry" is well worth it anyway, even if it does "set 1st party up the bomb." Cheers!
  • Nice to hear another positive review. I am loving my priv. I have had it since November 6 and for me it is all about the keyboard. It has taken awhile to force myself to use it, but now I can't type without it. I hope that this catches on with more people, it is a joy to use. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I will be getting this phone as soon as T-Mobile gets it! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Waiting on Priv at TMobile as well. Based on interviews with CEOs Legere and Chen....seems like a pretty safe bet you will be able to pick one up from TMOB for Christmas.... Berry Christmas!!!
  • +1 Posted via the Android Central App
  • We only purchase phones that provide FM Radio receiver accessibility. I'm so disappointed that Blackberry decided to do away with that. I understand that they have to bend to the will of the carriers but they could provide it in the Unlocked Models. I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands of people around the world appreciating access to FM Radio that will be upset and will not consider purchasing the Blackberry Priv because it's missing. If they reconsider and provide FM Radio with their nest update, I will probably reconsider and purchase It.
  • FM Radio and IR-Blaster is really nice to have:) Good that some companys still offering it. And removeable battery. LG V10 would have it all "" LG Flex 2 (5.1.1)
  • Great write up...loving mine a lot!
  • PRIV is awesome, best phone yet! Enjoying it a lot and the BlackBerry software is great, already received updates for the Hub, Camera, Contacts, Calendar, etc. Expect more soon to make it even better. Great way to make updates based on apps instead of system updates.
  • Do you have the unlocked or att version? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Thank you for the 2nd opinion. I'm really stoked on this device. I'm just waiting for the first price drop. Luckily, I can write this off at the end of the year for taxes which saves some money. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I absolutely love the Priv. My first ever BlackBerry. Only thing annoying me is the strange buzzing noise coming from the main camera. Apart from that it is the best android phone I have used. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't understand why people are complaining about the price. It's a flagship phone with flagship specs plus a hardware keyboard at the same price any other flagship phone would cost. Heck it has a bigger battery than anything else out there! I'd get one in a second if it had a removable battery.
  • People define "Flagship" differently and so they have different values in mind. Some value camera, processor, benchmarks, updates or some combination thereof. Android has so many options that no one device can make everyone happy. Big screen, small screen, maxed out CPU, battery sipper, LCD, screen color...someone will always love and complain about something Even if they priced it cheap some would complain it doesn't make it feel premium. At the end of the day, the market decides what's "Too expensive." What matters is if YOU think the device is worth the price. Everyone elses opinion and experience should have no impact on your experience with a device
  • Phones with the same (actually better) specs, like the moto x and the nexus 6p are 399, and 499 respectively. Now compare that to the priv's 699, (at att it's 799) and the only thing you're getting is a keyboard and slightly curved screen. both the other phones have 2k displays (the moto x is lcd though), way better cameras and front facing cameras, speakers that are leagues above, near and stock android, and the nexus 6p has almost the same battery life, but the moto x has the fastest turbo charging. So yes, it is way overpriced and should be 499 at the most.
  • You're ignoring the fact that the hardware keyboard adds to the price. It's more than just some plastic buttons glued to the phone. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Must say I disagree with the camera being 'slow' statement. BlackBerry's camera app is good, it takes time to learn. That said; their default settings are bad. Eg. The default settings for the passport and q10 are 1:1. To utilize the 13mp or 8mp the user needs to make changes. The camera generally waits for the user to touch where they want the focus to be. Space key is great for snapping. Wish BlackBerry would sit down and take the time to optimise their default settings. It could be made so much easier for non geeks.
  • "Thankfully, it did, and I'm sure I'm going to enjoy my own Priv long after this one has been boxed up and sent back to BlackBerry."
    WOW Posted via the Android Central App
  • Something just doesn't feel right with all the priv love, I don't buy it. dreaming of electric sheep
  • Did you read the post? Because I'm pretty sure I explained as much as I can my reasons. Don't think I've hidden anything. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Just re-read it , apologies - you're an honest guy. dreaming of electric sheep
  • I love my priv. Best phone I ever used!! Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm loving my Priv. Granted I've disabled MOST of the BB stuff already, but for a nearly stock android experience with a decent keyboard, I'm glad I got in.
  • Nice honest review that expressed what you loved the most and didn't pull punches in the weaker areas. I can't wait for mine to arrive. I know I'm going to love it. The Priv has actually renewed an excitement I haven't felt for a phone or Android in general since my original rooted G1. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This guy says the priv is worth getting and the nexus 5x isn't. Already don't like the way he's put together. Posted via Android Central App
  • Who said the 5X isn't worth getting? I haven't ever even touched a 5X outside of a store, let alone commented personally on whether you should buy one. But no, you shouldn't. The 6P is the Nexus to buy if you're having that discussion. And I, personally, will spend my own money on one of these over both Nexus phones. Because that's what I want to do. Whether you like "the way I'm put together" or not.
  • Good host take....congrats man. I love my PRIV, if they can work out some of the sotware issues (OneNote not working amongst other tiles) my PRIV woud be the daiy driver. For now it's relegated to the work phone. I agree on almost all of your points except I find the keyboard excellent. Maybe it's my unit but I am happy it is!
  • Keyboard itself is great. I have some issues with the back of the phone on this review unit. It's just not the best BlackBerry keyboard ever in my opinion. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I agree it's not the best keyboard Blackberry has made, however I'm shocked by how good it feels and how much I'm using it. I am coming from a Passport and actually find this keyboard to be more of a pleasure to type on. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I work with the OneNote Android team and we have recently added support for Blackberry PRIV. Please try out the latest version and share your feedback.
  • This review was really insightful and helpful! Looking forward to getting a priv of my own Posted via Android Central App
  • Welcome to the world of Android, BB. We welcome you with open arms and warm hugs. The new Hamilton Beach SD toaster. Powered by the Snapdragon 810.
  • Thanks for this wonderful opinion and Priv review
  • BlackBerry are really into keyboard devices. Their latest high end devices are BlackBerry Passport and priv. Both have physical keyboards. Next year they probably will be launching BlackBerry Vienna, rumors say that it is still qwerty keyboard .
    I like BlackBerry phones a lot but it seems that they want people to use old fashioned tech's.. Posted via moto x play
  • Keyboards aren't old fashioned and it's still why they are used on PC's because once you get good, you can do it without looking and with accuracy. Can you imagine trying to type without looking on a PC if it was all touch? How about gaming on a console with an all touch controller? Touch screens are great and I like them on my phone for quick messaging, internet browsing etc. However, if I need to send any prolonged messages, emails or whatever, physical keys are much nicer and they 'feel' a lot nicer too. Considering BB is now using touch pad like capabilities on the KB now, I think they are pretty innovative. Just because Apple convinced the masses that they weren't necessary, it doesn't make them outdated or useless. If the extent of your keyboard use is "lol k c u l8r" I'm sure all touch is perfect and BB isn't for you. I don't think BB 'wants' everyone to use physical qwerty but they are the only ones really providing that option for people that want to. After all, isn't options what made Android great to begin with? Posted via the Android Central App
  • A touch capacitive keyboard that works like a trackpad and has more accurate key input......old tech??? Posted via the Android Central App
  • This allows scrolling up or down, left or right, and pinch to zoom via the physical keyboard.
  • I didn't know it had pinch to zoom on the pkb too!! I can't wait for mine to arrive :-) Posted via the Android Central App
  • Pls do tell me how Physical Keyboards are old tech? Cause I don't see anything old tech about a capacitive touch sensitive keyboard that acts as a track pad enabling the user fine cursor control, gestures, and many others without the need to clutter the screen with fingers. Also you get more screen estate using the physical keyboard which allows you to view more of the content on the screen while you are typing. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Costs 1000 USD here :| Posted.
  • "But when you're taking pictures of a moving child and you're held back by the app on your phone, it's something of an annoyance." Doesn't Priv camera have burst mode for fast motion? "Offline Time Shift Mode : Capturing that perfect moment has never been easier with Offline Time Shift mode. Time Shift captures a series of photo burst so you can select the perfect moment in time. Offline mode now allows you to edit the photo at a later time so you can keep capturing photos and edit later. "
  • Not the point. The point is grab phone, focus, quickly snap pictures. Not go into settings. The moment is gone sometimes if you can't get it quick. One of the iPhones best features, for example. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Am glad to hear that blackberry is hanging in there. I feared for them for a min and who knows what would happen if they released another bust? But like I said it's good to hear they will continue on. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I am def getting this phone.... BlackBerry has won my heart back! Last BlackBerry I used was the Bold 9000 and that keyboard gave me orgasms. Posted via the Android Central App
  • What a fantastic and patient review. We need to appreciate your effort and candid comments. Thanks, me getting one too! On Passport now.
  • I had the Priv for 9 days and I hated it. I rarely used the physical keyboard. Without it, what's the point of the phone? The cameras are terrible. There should be NO lag when taking pics. What was BlackBerry thinking in only making a 2 MP front facing camera, especially in the era of Snapchat? The only thing going for it is the security and battery life. I'll be using my Note 5 instead. It's cheaper than the Priv and it's so much better.
  • Interesting review. I've been interested in this phone, as I really liked physical keyboards. However, as a university Professor, I beg please get a proofreader for these reviews. Typos are one thing but the sentence fragments are another.