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BlackBerry Messenger once again purportedly caught running on Android

Ever have that feeling of deja Déjà vu? It's happening right now for me with some new images having shown up of what is purported to be BlackBerry Messenger on Android. We've seen such things in the past of course and still nothing ever came out of it. True, RIM is branching off into other OSes these days having launched BlackBerry Mobile Fusion for Android and iOS. But BlackBerry Messenger on Android and iOS?

So many applications already exist for cross-platform chat. What could BlackBerry Messenger on Android even bring to the table? Even if this is some part of the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion integration happening here it just doesn't even seem to matter anymore. Not to mention the fact RIM squashed the idea a while back anyway.

Source: TechnoBuffalo

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  • lol (smiley face)
  • I want BBM for my EVO ill have all the bad bitc*s lls
  • The picture above looks like the "leaked" photo's of the BB10 London phone.... While the taskbar looks Androidesque... I wonder...
  • By the time they release bbm on android, there will be nobody left on bbm lol
  • I agree. There was a time when I would have loved to have BBM on my Android device, but now it is just too late. Everyone I know has an Android phone so we all use Google Talk now. It isn't as good as BBM in some ways, but in others it is better than BBM. I can use Google Talk on any computer through the web interface or through the stand alone app and the conversations all sync so I don't have to run downstairs to get my phone to respond to a Talk message. BBM only worked on my berry. There was no computer option. BBM was great for sending quick pics and audio area where Google Talk is seriously lacking. It would be nice if Google Talk had the indicators for "read" and "delivered" like BBM had. I'm hopeful that Google will put some effort into really polishing up Talk. As for RIM, unless they can pull out something truly amazing, they are on the way out.
  • Plus one on this. At some point maybe in the last 2 years I would love to have BBM on my android, but now i think its too late. I would also love to see google polishing up google talk. There is no option to share files on it which is really holding back the platform. If they can do this, I think google talk can be much bigger than bbm and any other platforms considering how android is becoming a giant.
  • I agree fully if they would add more fuctionality to google talk it would rock more than it does now, mainly because I can be on my phone or tablet and receive messeges from friends and it feels cleaner than doing it with google voice.
  • Looks more like a direct iPhone port.
  • I would love this
  • Is that thing running froyo ?
  • It is not... Or at least I don't think it is. I first thought it was Froyo too from a glance, but it's actually some version of Motoblur. Every "BBM on Android" leak, has had Motoblur status bars. Has anybody else noticed that?
  • That's definitely a Froyo status bar in the original picture.
  • Because if its on BB junk they can only bring more battery pulls to the table.
  • To me, it looks like a Blackberry running Android.
  • i was on blackberry for a WHILE and loved BBM while i was there.. however, i could give 2 craps less about it anymore... I am not sure i know ANYONE with a blackberry still. Too little... WAY TOO LATE. RIM just needs to go into a corner and die silently.
  • Are you kidding me? Do you even know all the things BBM can do? RIM isn't going anywhere, neither is BBM. If it comes to Android, wow! It would completely take over.
  • What kind of post is this? If BBM went to other platforms it would dominate. Really surprised by your comments Bla1ze. I get it, you like Hookt for some reason but honestly no one uses it. BBM is well known and would spread very fast. To me, that could mark the end of texting.
  • yeah yeah....everyone said that when bbm first launched....and where is blackberry now??? dead! Nobody uses blackberry anymore. I think they have like 5 customers in the US lol
  • I still have 20 BBM friends so obviously that is extremely exaggerated. I know I'm at an Android forum but it is a little ridiculous saying that BlackBerry is dead and so many things are better than BBM when they really aren't.
  • I don't think so. Facebook Messenger is much more wide-spread.
  • Yes, on computers. I don't know anyone really that uses/depends on Facebook Messenger as a form of texting.
  • Facebook combined chat and messages into one service. If you're typing in the chat bar at the bottom of the screen on a computer... those messages also end up in your Facebook messages. And because of that... you can send and respond to those messages in the Facebook app on a smart phone. There is also the Facebook Messenger app... which gets you directly into your messages/chat without all of the the other parts of Facebook. But you can still send and receive message from the regular Facebook app as well. So yes... you can use Facebook as a form of texting. From phone to phone... or computer to phone... or phone to computer. I do it all the time.
  • RIM's reported to be in some distress, and rumoured to be looking at ways of making money aside from the throttle grip on exchange integration that gave them enterprise dominance
  • I can bet this is the BlackBerry London. So... this is not BBM on Android, this is Android on a BB...
    On second thoughts this could be a good photoshop...
    Any-which ways BBM is irrelevant. :D
  • I dont see why ppl cant accept RIM is a dying breed? Its been slowing dying for the past 4 years.. Back in 2008... Their share was at an all time high of $144/share. Today, 4/12/2012... its only worth $13/share. Back 10 years ago, RIMM had the corporate whales cornered. The ease of having mobile email on the fly and at their employees finger tips... Palm was RIMM's only true threat... But RIMM was able to learn from their mistakes and took FULL advantage of it. and look where the company is at now? Apple/android back then wasnt able to really offer corporate users what they needed... But as of today, they are able to do what RIMM was offering their clients... and possibly even better... Look at the market share of mobile device users back then and now... More and more corporate employees are now converting to Apple and Android devices.... Rimm is slowly dying.. unless they reinvent themselves and try to find a new fan base... If they cant do it within the next 5-8 years.... RIP along with Palm and Nextel's walkie talkie
  • Try one-fifth of those 5-8 years.
  • Sorry I gotta chime in here. I work at sprint I've never owned a bb until about 5 weeks ago I needed a phone For international travel goin to Australia and France in about two months. My primary phone is a rooted evo 3d running CM9 pre alpha and let met tell you that ish is butter it runs better than they ports they have right now on the famed gs2. Given the fact that I have a GV number I refuse to open two phone lines. So when my friend won a free bold 9930 free the Bb rep for our store I told'em I'll give you 150 for it. I thought to myself I know some BB heads who would love this phone I'll sell it or give it away when I come back from my trip. So with a great deal of apprehension I deactivated my E3D with all it's stock ics tethering goodness and made the bold my primary phone. The first day I thought what the hell did I just do? Part of the FREE part of the phone is that it has to be activated on your employee line for at least 30 days. By day 3 i said to myself this isn't so bad but then again I was touting my 3d around everywhere on wifi like a mini I love that rom, plus my TF Prime had a dead pixel in it so I sent it back (that's a whole nother story there) so I'm out here with no 4G no tab stuck with a BB a platform I've never used before as my personal device. I had gone mad completely. Today is day 35 and granted I'm using the best BB ever made hands down, I must say its not as dead as one may think. We get a lot probably about 6 people a day come in and exchange their new iPhones for the new bold. They left their old tours and curves and bold 9650's for iPhones because they get caught up in the apple juice that they're non bb user friends drink and when they come in asking for an iPhone honestly from a sales perspective it's an easy non time consuming sale. So with that being said most reps don't even bring up the new bold they say what case do you want let'em pick out something pretty and send them on they're way. 10 days later they come back and switch. When I see someone coming in with a bb saying they want the iPhone the first thing I ask is how long have you had bb and why do u want the iPhone? Usually the answer is about 4-6 years and I don't know a lot of my friends have it. I then ask how important the keyboard is to them and about 90% say very last I ask how important email is to them are they reliant on it in they're daily life I takem to the bold and honestly not all but about 78% of them say man when did they put this one out. They ask a fe more questions about the hour glass and how often does it freeze and then they buy it. Saying that bb is for SURE gonna die is severely underestimating it's stronghold on the corporate enterprise users. It's like when apple fans try to tell you that apples gonna eventually take over the pc world....that will never happen the corporate WORLD is built on Microsoft apple just can't do those things better. Same goes for rim if you live on email there is no beating a BB period. If security is a REAL concern for you not just personally but because you work for or own a company that ownes or runs a server with other peoples info moving through it, for mobile needs you CANNOT beat the BB platform. BB problem was/is they're hardware and comfort in the lead causing them to overlook the need to adapt to a changing market sooner rather than later. They're will always be a market for rim maybe never the share they once had but it'll always be large enough to keep them in business. My gmail comes on my blackberry on 3G faster than it does on my android over wifi sometimes by 20 seconds or more that may not seem like a big deal, but to a larger percent than you think that can be the difference between so serious money and a lost opportunity. Im in music (Hip-hop artist check us out on the google playstore under "PaperMates" the E.P. is free I know shame on me lol smh) and we run a industry music studio in North Hollywood CA and we get a lotta big name people through there on the daily. Justin timberlake, Dr. Dre, Usher, just to name a few and every single one of them use a BB admittedly some also have both BB and an iPhone but they ALL have BB's they swear by it. And for that aspect of my life now so do I. Of course I'll be getting the Evo LTE when it drops but I've made up my mind that I'm keeping this bold for a very long time. Sidenote google and apple could both Lear ALOT from BB Bridge...I get that everything is moving to the cloud but it something about hardware talking to eachother without having to have a middle man aka an Internet connection. It's like those time when u just need COLD HARD CASH! sometimes a card is just not the best option for the situation. Don't count rim out just yet I'm not denying they're in some serious trouble but they have a chance to turn this around. Look how long people have been saying sprints gonna go outta business including present day.
  • Nice post! The only issue I have is because of all the recent reports about the best selling phones on Sprint. According to what I've been reading... the top 3 phones at Sprint are the iPhone 4S... the Galaxy SII... and the iPhone 4. On Amazon... a Blackberry doesn't show up until #7 on the list of the best selling Sprint phones. That kinda conflicts with your report of about 6 people a day coming into your Sprint store to buy Blackberries. Thoughts? I mean... you could be selling 6 Blackberries a day... I'm certainly not calling you a liar. :) But if you trust those recent reports... then you must also be selling 100 iPhone 4S every day... 75 Galaxy SII every day... and 50 iPhone 4 every day. Or some obscene number like that. You're right... people still like the Blackberry... but your other phones are outselling it 30:1
  • Im not saying blackberry is a bad phone... also never doubted the security that comes with it. But their market share is slowly dwindling. Back then, everybody had a blackberry.. now? Not so much. Their email exchange is superb... but thats about it. Ask a person with a galaxy nexus or any droid device to pull up google maps nav ajd get directions.. done. Ask the same question to a blackberry user... cant do it. No real time options.. just step by step.... games? Apps? Android iphone. Done... bb? Not so much... One of the.reasons why i feel bb still has a presence is bc.... phones or cheap and most of them are given to the customers for free. Why else are kids using it? And why else are parents buying it for them? Bc its free.... ask any kid what phone they can have... bet you a million $ bb isnt on their list
  • Holy snap I didn't realize I wrote that much lololllolol sorry guys.
  • I really doubt RIM would give out beta sotware with the app's name explicitly in there (BBM for Android...really?) Codename would make more sense...
  • BBM on non BB devices has already take too long. I'd argue most people who have already gone away from a BB have been without BBM for a long enough period of time that it is no longer needed.
  • I used to want BBM on my Android phone back when I made the switch. Now I really don't care if it gets ported or not.....LOL