BlackBerry makes it easy to port Android apps to its foundering platform

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Are you a developer who wants to resign, repackage and submit your Android apps to a dying BlackBerry platform for use on devices that are barely selling? RIM's made it easy for you with the BlackBerry Tools SDK and ADT plug-in, and the BlackBerry Packager for Android.

OK, it's not quite that bad. If you're serious about submitting your apps for use on the BB PlayBook, the tool will check them for compatibility, sign, package and prep for submission. And it's nice to see RIM make it easy on devs.

Now only if it made life a little less tough on its customers.

Source: CrackBerry

Phil Nickinson
  • *Floundering? Typo? ..... Anywho I don't understand why they didn't just push QNX development more? This whole thing is a bit ridiculous tbh.
  • No. Foundering.
  • foundering - present participle of found·er (Verb)
    (of a ship) Fill with water and sink: "six drowned when the yacht foundered off the Florida coast".
    (of a plan or undertaking) Fail or break down, typically as a result of a particular problem or setback.
    Depends on if you think they are already sunk or not. If this is struggling for life floundering would be correct, if the ship has sunk, foundering. Either way, interesting to see Blackberry try to get someone to build apps for them, or at least port to them. Problem is, with the death of the flawed Storm line, what device do they have that I would want apps on? Plants vs Zombies on a Curve, no thank you.
  • definitely the most useful page on the internet! IMO of course... glad to know other people use it. Should be required reading...
  • I've always been really funny about this kind of thing, so I keep a couple of pages bookmarked to double check myself from time to time. I assumed there had to be at least someone else checking on it from time to time.
  • I dunno Phil, I think "Floundering" would work better here. As in "Struggling Helplessly" . . . they haven't sank yet.
  • I'm honestly glad that I got away from BlackBerry after the Storm. I only had one 2.5 year period with BlackBerry and I was done. I was honestly thinking about getting the Playbook before it came out, but I'm glad I didn't.
  • The only people who hate BB are the Storm users. Yes I know it's the worst phone by RIM. But you can't blame all the fault of them. YOU wanted an iPhone, but didn't want to leave Verizon. YOU should have tested the phone out before buying it. So many of people like you were too stupid to realize at the time that not every touch screen phone was an iPhone killer. BB is great for what it does, BB does things that android and iPhone still can't do. Don't see the Bold users complaining.
  • Ahh...the old bb days.
  • Come on Google. Take over waterloo and make good use the BB servers for Android. RIM is a joke. Research in slow motion.
  • Are you on crack ? Google couldn't handle RIMs servers.
  • True enough. Yeah google wouldn't do anything so smart as to have a switch affect every server in the world.
  • "barley selling" ? Not to sound like a Doche or something They might be a slow sellers in the US Phill , but in Saudi Arabia they sell like hot cakes , they might be even more popular than the iPhone
  • For free, = no revenue for RIM. Sell through to customers is generating low revenue. BUT they all require BB back end service = costs high to RIM. Because everything goes through the NOC, they have to maintain these servers to customers in developing markets who pay a tenth of what people pay in "first world" countries. It is such an antiquated system. I wish RIM the best but honestly, Android will eat its lunch in those developing markets soon. So what does RIM have left after that? Major corporations? and government? you know those entities that put reliable fast communication above all else? Yeah... they're screwed.
  • << Deleted >>
  • So that's where those 50,000 playbooks went.
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  • Omg whyyy
  • I'm pretty good at navigating around a new device when I pick it up for the first time, but when I tried out the Playbook at Best Buy, I couldn't for the life of me figure it out. I love the design and materials, but the OS on the Playbook is baffling. It's really unintutive and overdesigned.
  • ahahahahaha the first paragraph I almost fell out of my chair.