Best Portable Drive for Oculus Go

You won't be able to use the average external hard drive if you want to add a few movies to your Oculus Go without wasting all of your memory space. You'll have to use a Wi-Fi router that is connected to your headset, download a media streaming app like SKYBOX VR Video Player, and access the files through the app. A portable Wi-Fi router like the RAVPower FileHub Plus adds extra data storage, extends the Wi-Fi coverage to your headset, and can be used as a portable charger. Here's where to start when it comes to portable Wi-Fi routers!

Expanding the memory of your Oculus Go means you can take more of your favorite games, apps, and movies with you wherever you go. The RAVPower FileHub Plus is our top pick because of its size and abilities. This travel router won't break your bank, has the highest mAh battery capacity, and multiple connection features. You can use it with an SD card, Micro-USB, USB, and ethernet cord— meaning it works great with more than just your Oculus Go.

Essa Kidwell

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