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The best new Android apps of August 2014

If you're itching for some fresh downloads this Labor Day weekend, we've gathered together the five best app releases this month in the Google Play Store. This go-around we've got a bit of photography, some productivity, and a little something from HTC and Google.

Be sure to check out our round up of the best Android games released this month if you're hankering for more.


TapPath is a simple and refreshingly useful app for offering multiple actions for how many times you tap a web link. For example, one tap can launch LinkBubble, two can launch into Chrome, or three can launch it to the share menu, although all of those defaults can be changed around within the app.

If you weren't entirely sold on Link Bubble, or you just want more flexibility with your mobile web browsing, TapPath has what you need.



The beta for HTC's video highlight creation and sharing app was released in the Google Play Store this month. As before, users could plop in short video clips and still images to create themed videos, and there's a baked-in social network so you can follow friends and they can follow you. Now friends can remix one anothers' creations, adding their own shots and making something even awesomererer. Though it's still early, now anyone with something other than an HTC handset can check out what's happening with Zoe.

We've got a closer look at the new Zoe app here if you want more info.


SuperBetter is part task management, part game. Users plop in their personal goals, be it kicking bad habits, getting in shape, or otherwise getting stuff done. Those tasks are then framed as quests which you must complete in order to gain rewards like mental resilience and physical resilience points. Identify Bad Guys that are slowing down your progress and team up with other friends using the game for some social reinforcement. 25 expert-designed Power Packs can help you work on certain parts of your life, or you can go ahead and design your own challenges.

SuperBetter was made by Jane McGonigal, a game designer that has long advocated for using gamification to improve everyday life. If you're having trouble meeting your goals, this may be a fun way to tackling them.

Google News & Weather

Google News and Weather

Google released a new app that combines reading the daily headlines with local forecasts. Google News & Weather pulls in stories from thousands of sources and lets you hop between them for individual stories. There are a handful of widgets to pick from that let you look at news, weather, or a bit of both. The app was a preload on devices ages ago, but the latest version revamps the UI to get it up to L standard and offers wider device compatibility with a Google Play Store review.


Fragment is a fresh photo editor with a particularly neat trick. A wide range of shaped filters distort your photo along clean, sharp lines, lending a kaleidoscopic skew to your shots. You can move and resize the fragment filter, change how it tweaks your image (such as by adding a hue, changing brightness, cranking saturation, or inverting colors). Once that's done, export the final product out to any major destination or feed it back into the app to apply another fragment on top.

If you're in the market for a new twist to your photos, Fragment will deliver.

Your favourite new Android apps?

There were a lot of Android apps released in the Google Play Store this month. Hit us up in the comments with your favourite fresh downloads.

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  • Foursome? Somebody's dictating their copy!
  • And your instead of you're...someone needs to proof read before submitting articles. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Month calendar widget... Free and one of the best I have used recently. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Jorte blows it away. i need my events in my monthly widget to be listed in TEXT not dots.
  • Yeah text instead of dots would have been good, but that would have defeated the purpose of the widget. This is just a month widget and not sure how he can fit in text there. But I love the view when you click on the day and navigation across the days. Posted via the Android Central App
  • see middle widget - Jorte Calendar & Organizer
    Jorte Inc. - August 25, 2014
  • Wizz widgets. The calendar widget is by far the best I've ever used (I tried Jorte). Completely customisable - colours, size, transparency, agenda view with one click, multiple calendars, displays text, choice of calendar app to launch, instantaneous update from google calendar, never crashed, never failed.
  • Jorte is far better IMO. and free.
  • i like solcalendar
  • But that takes up the whole screen. What's the purpose of a Widget that takes up the entire screen? Plus, Jorte is kind of ugly... Posted via Android Central App
  • From the UK, Three have released "three in touch", free wifi calling and text but no support for mms , bugger. But all is working well and has a good colour indicator in the information bar for connectivity info. Posted via Android Central App
  • I gotta get back into Google News & Weather, its looking good.
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