Best Moto G8 Plus Cases Android Central 2022

Motorola's primary focus has turned to its mid-range lineup with the Moto G8 Plus. The G8 Plus is a fantastic device with three primary cameras, a 6.3-inch display, and a 4,000mAh battery. But with a device this great, you'll want to keep it protected with one of the following cases.

Cruzerlite Moto G8 Plus Case

Slim and solid: Cruzerlite Carbon Fiber Case

Staff Pick

Cruzerlite makes some of the best cases for a plethora of devices, and the G8 Plus is no different. This TPU case sports a carbon fiber texture for improved grip while giving you six different colors to choose from.

$9 at Amazon
Ykooe Leather Flip Wallet for Moto G8 Plus

Extra versatility: Ykooe Leather Flip Case

The Ykooe Leather Flip case offers as much versatility as the phone that it holds, with its three card slots and pocket for money. The case also doubles as a stand so that you can prop up the G8 Plus if you want to watch some movies.

$13 at Amazon
Sunnyw Moto G8 Plus Case

All-in-one package: Sunnyw Ultra Slim Case

Instead of paying for both a case and screen protector, why not get both in the same package? The Sunnyw Ultra Slim case includes raised edges for better screen protection, a tempered glass screen protector, and a 12-month worry-free warranty.

$10 at Amazon
J&D Armorbox Moto G8 Plus Case

Extra protection: J&D ArmorBox Hybrid Rugged Case

There are times where slim cases just won't cut it, and that's where the J&D ArmorBox comes into play. This case is made from both TPU and polycarbonate for better overall protection while providing reinforced corners for shock-absorption.

$8 at Amazon
PUSHIMEI Moto G8 Plus Case

Show it off: PUSHIMEI Transparent Case

What's the point in buying a beautiful new phone, if you are going to hide it under a less-than-stellar case? The PUSHIMEI Transparent Case solves this issue by showing off the G8 Plus while still keeping your new phone protected from drops.

$8 at Amazon
Sucnakp Moto G8 Plus Case

For the warranty: Sucnakp Impact Resistant Cover

Getting protection from your case without sacrificing bulk is the name of the case game. The Sucnakp Impact Resistant case is made from a heavy-duty TPU material, and the company offers a 3-year warranty on its cases.

$8 at Amazon
Almiao Moto G8 Plus Case

Barely there: Almiao Minimalist Slim Back Cover

If you're looking for a "barely there" case, then you can't go wrong with the Almiao Minimalist Slim Cover. This case primarily covers the rear of the G8 Plus, while slightly protecting the corners, and coming in seven different colors.

$12 at Amazon
Osophter Floral Moto G8 Plus Case

Give it some personality: Osophter Floral TPU Case

Many cases just offer a few different colors, and nothing else in terms of unique patterns to show some personality. The Osopher Floral TPU Case solves this with a floral print on the back, and sports better cushioning on the corners.

$8 at Amazon

Plenty to choose from

When looking for the best case for the Moto G8 Plus, our favorite is the Cruzerlite Carbon Fiber Case with its improved shock absorption. Plus, with the textured design, you will be able to hide any fingerprints while making sure that the phone doesn't slip out of your hands.

For those looking for a bit more versatility will want to check out the Ykooe Leather Flip Case. This leather case includes three card slots, a money pocket, and doubles as a stand if you want to video chat or watch some Disney+.

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