Best Hard Drives for Laptops and PC Desktops in 2022

Making sure that you have the correct internal hard drive ensures that you have enough storage for all of your work and that your storage is fast enough to meet your workflow. All of the hard drives in this collection are solid state drives (SSD). These don't have moving parts like hard disk drives (HDD) and as a result are faster, quieter, and more reliable. When purchasing a hard drive, make sure that the way it attaches or mounts to your computer matches your hardware setup. All that being said, here are some places to start.

These hard drives will help you get the best performance on your laptop or desktop. The drive that's best for you depends on if you use your PC for gaming, VR, video editing, or other tasks. All of these drives are fast and come in various sizes, but the Samsung EVO 860 is the best value with read and write speeds over 500MB/s for just over $50.

Sean Endicott